Click 365: Work and more work

This stack of towels represents employment! Had to buy more cleaning supplies because I have a new client with a very large home. So thankful for work. I am now cleaning three days a week.

I buy the large cleaning towels and cut them in half. Better to use something that is reusable ( instead of paper towels)
And we have SNOW again. Lots of it.

This is the newest photo of the grandbaby. He and his daddy are in their snow fort. They live in the mountains and get a lot more snow than we do. This year they have had much more than normal.


  1. It is snowing here right now! Great pictures.

  2. So glad you are working more, and those pictures are great.

  3. Hooray for work. This is an unusual winter! I think we broke our record for snowiest winter. If not, we will tomorrow. Sigh.

  4. The blessings of work and I really like using white, crisp towels. Enjoy all that snow! Still praying for snow to arrive on our end.

  5. Hi, I joined the 'clicking' gang last week. Stopping by to see your pics. :)

    We had snow for one day earlier this month, or was it last month. Geesh, I forget (Feb. is flying by)! Anyway, it was only for one day. I think that is all I can handle though. lol!

    Love the snow fort! It has been a while since I've built a fort. Looking forward to grandbabies one day. :)


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