Sunday Ramblings

Anyone reading this every suffer from TN? ( trigeminal neuralgia) I spent most of this past week in so much pain ( childbirth was easy by comparison). I do not have medical insurance. ( or I would have gone to the ER for relief)  Because the pain came and went and was not just in the tooth I waited and did not go to the dentist. The joy of being able to sip a cup of coffee, take a full bite of food cannot be described! The jaw is still sore and my headaches are still in the background ( the kind that just hoover and have enough pain to remind you that something is not right) but I can eat again and do activities without shooting pains.
While we are hoping to get insurance it will not be any time soon. The cost of just the out of pocket expense before the insurance will begin to pay the bills in more than a quarter of our yearly income. ( and that is just for 2 members of our family) I am not even sure we could spend that amount in a year. ( unless something really expensive occurred) We rarely go to the doctor.  Hoping and praying for change.

Look a new challenge! I have wanted to try circular needles...but not before I could do some basic stitches with confidence. excited to see what I can create with these!

I am behind in BN90. However I was thankful for the Bible on Tape for the few days I could not even read or concentrate enough to study. It was a blessing. I hope to catch up today. Well maybe not....8 days is a bit overwhelming. Perhaps I will just add an extra half hour all week and get it done!

I have been working in the garden. Slowly clipping back the huge roses ( they are over 6 feet tall) and trimming up the hydranges. Lots of new buds! And the lilac should be budding soon! I can see tiny leaf buds and new growth coming.

I have finally reached one of my weight goals ( its the second of my goals). I am now down below 140! That first 7lbs took a long time to lose. Praying it stays off and I can continue at a slow and steady pace to my final weight goal.


  1. I immediately googled up TN and read this, "It has been described as among the most painful conditions known to humankind." Oh, my...I am so sorry that you have this and I will be praying for relief for you and guidance for a direction you should take. I hope that knitting is a good distraction for you. *hugs*

  2. (((hugs))) I will be praying for pain relief. I'm so sorry that you are enduring this trial.

  3. I'm so sorry you've experienced this...I've never had it, but am aware of it and have heard what others have said, that it's extreme pain. Praying for you, and for continued freedom from this! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous...it's soothing to hear that someone is seeing leaf growth and new buds...our ground is covered in ice-coated snow (really difficult walking here!), and the polar vortex is returning. It's already chilly in the house again, and we're supposed to have 5 nights in a row of below-zero temps, with highs in the single digits. I need to see green and to feel spring. Thanks for the picture!

  4. Oh no! I am so sorry there was no relief to you. Do you have any Catholic hospitals near? They helped us. They have a sliding scale based on income. It really was affordable. Also, we have joined Samaritan Ministries. Have you looked into them? Regular insurance is out for us, too. But, having a group of Christians willing to help is a viable option. Hugs.

  5. So sorry for all the pain you are dealing with. I hope it all goes away soon. You are brave to try the circular needles, I've never wanted to try those. :) Good job on your weight loss goals. It's always encouraging to read.


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