Click 365: Crafty Things

I have been working diligently on gifts for the Christmas season. I bought a plastic shoe box for each family member ( a buck each at the dollar tree) right after Christmas this year. I put a name on each box. As I finish a gift it goes into one of the boxes. My goal is a homemade gift for each person. In the process I have learned new knitting skills and have starting making jewelry again. While I cannot show you the finished Christmas projects I can share what I made for Easter gifts.

I made each of the girls necklaces from found glass ( not sea glass but broken glass that is on the roadsides etc) I have written a few post on our glass collection. Each time we go for a walk or on a journey we collect found glass. I have several jars full.

 The above is a glass and crochet creation.

 The above is made with a bottle top and glass. It is reversible ( see below)

The above is my first attempt with broomstick lace. It was so much fun learning how to do this. Addicting! I would encourage anyone to try it.


  1. I am not a crafty person. I imagine that it helps to be one for Christmas presents, though.

  2. I've never heard of broomstick lace, I'll have to look into that. What a great idea about the shoe boxes. I should try that.


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