Click 365: Spring Treasure

 This  ( above ) is not really a spring treasure....however it is a work of patience! I worked this pattern and did not like the "holes" that were part of the design. I did some research on line and found most folks like the "holes" as they create a lacy effect. To me they looked like dropped random stitches. They were messy looking. I tore it out so many times that the yarn is worn.  I found an answer to my hole dilemma here. I had no idea what "wrapping short rows" was till I found another knitting soul who like me did not like the "holes" in the pattern.  All part of learning to knit I suppose. Sure wish I had an experienced knitting buddy to teach me! This is the pattern for the scarf.   Nowhere in the pattern ( and many others ) that I looked at did it say to wrap the short rows. That said I love working this pattern. It a double helix Or spiral and fun to play with.
 And then there is this! I am hooked! Broomstick lace is so addicting. This is my first practice piece. ( so it is far from perfect) I am going to be making these. 
It is a fairly simple process but somewhat tedious. What I like most is I am sitting outside on my porch doing this work. It is relaxing to work on as long as you realize you need time to get this done.
The beginnings of my porch potted garden! Tomato plants and catnip for the cats.
Snuck this shot over the fence. She is enjoying the amazing weather.
See the tiny green shoot amongst the pine cones? That is my Wisteria. I have wanted one of these for a very very long time. This baby will be quite large by seasons end. We planted it last year and it had already gotten the size of a small bush by winter. I plan to keep it trimmed up so it is like a small tree.

I guess you will have to look at this sideways! Its a shot from my daughter ipod and no matter what I do it shows up this way. This boy is happy with the warm weather.


  1. Glad you figured out your knitting issue. I wish I had learned to knit. I've tried but never was very successful. If you don't have a picture editing program, you might try picmonkey . com (remove spaces) and it might help turn pictures alongside many other fun photo editing bits. It's free, too!

  2. I admire your crafting abilities! My garden is going to be tomatoes and catnip, too! Maybe a few herbs if I can. Your pup is beautiful, as always.

  3. Looks like you are trying lots of fun things. :)


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