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 Mothers Day Hanging Baskets from my dear daughters. I have always wanted hanging baskets on the porch. Love these wire baskets.
 Tomato Plants are getting big and have blooms on them.

 This rose was a mothers day gift from one of my boys last year. He has moved away from home. My garden is full of "gifts" from my children. This rose is very fragrant.
 Its ice tea time! Hot humid southern weather has arrived. And yes we love drinking out of mason jars.
 Oldest dear daughter purchased her first brand new car.  So proud of her. 

 Some of Emily's Art. A tad blurry...second one is a scratch board.
Very proud of my oldest and his wife. Married almost 5 years, he graduated from Radford 2 years ago, She graduated from VT yesterday! Had a beautiful baby along the way, made it through thick and thin, supported one another all the way.


  1. What a beautiful car! Congratulations to your oldest and his wife! Emily's art work is exceptional.

  2. What beautiful flowers. Congrats to our oldest and his wife, that is quite an accomplishment.

  3. Congrats on the grads! Beautiful flowers. You keep inspiring me to get moving on all our dirt that needs life growing some color.


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