Happy Anniversary

For our anniversary we went to our favorite thrift store ( at dear daughters request) There we found all kinds of fabulous treasure.
 Treasure number one! A new to us couch. The old one ( above ) was also a used couch set that my oldest dear daughter bought us in 2009 at a very good price. It has served us well. With pets and teen agers however it had lost its shape ( broken center boards) and smelled like dogs. ( lets be fair we own a hound )Below is a the lovely new to us replacement. It is out of a hotel. Has a queen sleeper and seats a lot of people very comfortably. We all want to sit in the corner! It has a slanted back and it way to comfy!

More treasure. This tin was full of all kinds of stuff.
 This tin is so cool! or KOOL.

 These tins also had stuff in them. Copper rivets that will be used to make something.....
 Stuff that was in the tins.

 Old wood clamp.
 I love these old frames and prints.
 Em finally found a working poloroid to add to her camera collection.
Todays treasure cost?? $55.00 ( that includes the huge couch!) If we were to sell the small stuff ( which we won't) , its value is $175.00. I think our Anniversary treasure hunt went very well. By the way it is our 34th year of marriage. We have always loved finding "treasures". Perfect way to spend our day.


  1. Happy anniversary!! Fun finds. Our sectional, a hand-me-down, is on its last leg. The corner is the favorite spot!

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a fun and unique way to enjoy the day :)


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