Another Catch Up

 Time goes by fast! Here are a few shots from our day trip to a fort so our daughter could work on her photography skills. Very cool place!
 This amazing bed set was inside the fort. The quilt is beautiful.
 Finished many Christmas gifts. Lapghan for my sister.
 Boot Cuffs minus the buttons.
 Ear band minus button or flower...
 Ugly scrappy fingerless gloves for my husband. They will come with rice bag hand warmers.
 We have been walking the alleys daily to collect pecans. Pecan Pie and Sweet Potato Praline for Thanksgiving!
Teaching this pup to take stuff. He has a very large over bite so this is no easy task.


  1. That does look like an amazing place to take photos! Hand warmers make such wonderful gifts :)

  2. Oh, pecan pie!! Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!


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