Wow . Six years. No way to "catch -up" other than to just start from where we are. Perhaps we will find joy in blogging once again.


Another Catch Up

 Time goes by fast! Here are a few shots from our day trip to a fort so our daughter could work on her photography skills. Very cool place!
 This amazing bed set was inside the fort. The quilt is beautiful.
 Finished many Christmas gifts. Lapghan for my sister.
 Boot Cuffs minus the buttons.
 Ear band minus button or flower...
 Ugly scrappy fingerless gloves for my husband. They will come with rice bag hand warmers.
 We have been walking the alleys daily to collect pecans. Pecan Pie and Sweet Potato Praline for Thanksgiving!
Teaching this pup to take stuff. He has a very large over bite so this is no easy task.


Joys of Fall

Our improved fire pit. We got the pavers as part of a clean out job. Now to get a custom grill made.

Current works in process. The bottom is a tricky pattern. Not happy with it yet.
Sleeping on my yarn bag.


Completed Baby Set

Now to find a cute way to wrap it.


How to Catch Up?

It is just not possible! So I will just do a post and move on.
I have been very very busy with work. Some weeks we have work 6 days. This is an answer to prayer and I am very thankful. ( although tired!)
Both gals are busy with college, work , friends and life. We are enjoying this season. Having your adult children in your home is a pleasure.
In my downtime I have been working hard to finish up Christmas gifts. When looking through the files to download photos of the gifts I realized that I have not taken photos of all the stuff I have finished. Here is a sampling of what I have been doing.
 Made lots of hats. ( need to photograph all of them!)
 Made every gal a matching scarf,  hat, boot toppers, and fingerless gloves. ( lots of photos missing here!)
 Hat and scarf set

 Boot toppers.
 Hat and there is a scarf too.
 Experimented with new stitches.
 Experimented with crochet thread.
 This is a scrapghan.
 Working on this now. Its an afghan for my sister.
 Just finished this baby afghan and little sweetie dress. My first dress ever.



 My project buddy Abby.
Finished Crazy Scrappy Lapghan.

Learning a new pattern. These blocks represent different sized hooks.  ( except the lacy one at the bottom). I am trying to decide which to use for a project.

Emily got her birthday gift early.


Cat on Crochet

Abby learning a new pattern with me....
 She loves watching anything on a screen.


This is for us, right?

Never leave crochet unattended!


Morning Glory

Been waiting all year to see this!!!!!


You Can't See Me...

She really thinks we cannot see her. Abby is our little hunter and she likes to be up high to spot her "prey". Best bug catcher ever! She also has an appetite for plants. I use to try and keep plants up where she is.


Summer Kisses

Been waiting all year to have some fried green tomatoes and some tomato sandwiches!
 And these beauties were someones castoffs. Well worth saving don't you think?!


Summer Pleasures

 Putting the new BBQ to great use with fresh veggies.
 Always have pretty flowers in the house.
 Our budding photographer getting close and personal with a bug on a flower.
 We acquired this fledgling garden box at the community garden after its original owners moved out of the neighborhood. It was neglected for quite while. We will see what becomes of it.
Here is a shot of the community garden. There are three boxes that anyone can take from the rest are private boxes and only shared with permission. This week we have harvested squash, blackberries, tomatoes and herbs.
The garden is a lovely spot to come and relax. Behind the chairs and table is a ravine with a creek in it.

 Old town urban exploration is always fun. Lots of places to go and wander through.

Discovered a close to home new wildlife area. It is awesome.

Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you. Psalms 143:8