Show and Tell Friday

Creepy Leeches! We find these often however this one is huge!


For inquirering minds;

These things live in our basement ( it is open to the underside of the house and not a real basement), under flowerpots, bricks, ect. They are usually much smaller!  The one above may be carrying a cacoon or egg sack. The head is at the bottom of the photo.




  1. Wow, we just found some leeches in our pond this year, but they are so tiny compared to those! Ours are less than an inch long. How long are yours?

  2. Oh my!! YUCK!!! I got one of those caught in a cut in my foot when I was about 10. The camp nurse had some trouble getting it out. I will not forget that to soon.



  3. I like your new look!! Isn't it great to have tech savvy kids?

    OK, leeches........these are on your property???????

    It sounds really gross. Thankfully, i don't think i've ever seen one even with all the camping and hiking we do. Where do you find them?

  4. Eeeewwww! I can't imagine finding that. I don't think they live around here....? (Michigan)


  5. This has got to be, by far, the creepiest S&T I've ever read. (It's great!). LOL

    Seriously, I think leeches are the most disgusting creature alive. Every since "On the Banks of Plum Creek" when Laura gets those bloodsuckers on her, I've been grossed out.

    I canNOT imagine having them in my basement.

    I'm sort of spoiled, living in W. WA, where there are no creepy crawlers (or slimers) worse than a slug. (Step on one of those at night in the dark. Yuck!).

    However, I saw a REAL leech ONE time, at a small lake near our homestead in E. WA (more kinds of creepy crawlers live over there, like rattlesnakes). It looked like that thing you showed, but about 1/16 the size. A fat thing just under the surface of the lake water near the shore. I told the kids, "No wading!" *she shivers*

  6. Uh. Nasty reading. I do remember now the kids getting these little dark things stuck to their toes in a stream up north in Michigan. Grandma put salt on them and they let go. Those must have been leeches.....! uh.


  7. Ewwww! (-:

    Slimy little critters and I do not get along. I imagine that they perform a geat function in the grand scheme of things though.

    Blessings, Mama Karen

  8. blessedwith2angelsAugust 15, 2008 at 10:44 AM

    Yuck! I'm sorry, but I don't like leeches. I'm glad that you had an interesting nature study though.


  9. Hi Tina! I think you should move!!! Those leeches are just terrible. I can't even phantom living with any!!! I'd be so itchy just thinking about them crawling on me!!! You're a brave lady, very brave lady. lol.

    Have a great weekend.



  10. eeeeek!!! I don't know which is worse, stepping on a leech or a baby scorpion.

  11. Ok, this is absolutely disgusting!!! I have boys and I still think that.

    I didn't realize they could get this big!!! We used to live in Mich and they are very common there as well. I never saw one this big, though!!

    Did you pick it up and hang it on that line? I wouldn't have touched it!! Kuddos to you, if you did!!


  12. I don't think I would do so good having THESE around.

    Is there any way to stop them from coming in ??? I know you probably have tried but I am scared of these guys.

    I award you with the most "intresting S&T for the week !"

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  13. EEEEWWWW! I've never seen a leech that size, or even knew that they could get that big. Do you live in the amazon? :)


  14. OOH.. creepy is right. Bleck! You wanted me to come see THIS?? :-) LOL

  15. OooWeee........they are slimy looking!!!

    Hope you have wonderful weekend!



  16. Oh gross!!! Where do you live, because we're thinking of relocating, and I do *NOT* want to move there!! I have never seen anything like this... ewwww!! (such a girly reaction, but there it is, lol!)


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