Homemade Pizza Kits

Homemade Pizza Kits

A pizza kit is a meal in a bag in the freezer ready to pull out on a busy day. Just make sure you pull it out in the morning or let it unthaw overnight if you want it for lunch.

I buy in bulk. For example I buy cheese in 5 lb bags. # 10 cans of pizza sauce, Pepperoni in a very large bag, sauage in packs of three, and flour in 25 pound bags. We figure it cost us $4.00 for a 16 inch pizza with all the fixings.

What you need:

A double batch of your favorite pizza dough or bread dough already made. I like to have at least enough for 10 pizzas.

Freezer bags ( gal size) and saran wrap or smaller baggies.

Put each pizza dough ball in a gallon freezer bag. Freeze. ( you will be getting it out soon to add to it)

Enough of the following ingredients for the amount of dough balls you have made.

Pizza Sauce:

Your favorite Cheese

Your favorite toppings. Example: pepperoni, ham, bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, sauage, Do not freeze tomatoes or pineapple!

Now put the sauce in a small baggie.  I usually use about a ladel and a half per large pizza.

Bag or wrap all the other ingredients for each individual pizza. Put in the gallon bag with the frozen dough ball.

When you want a pizza pull out the dough ball and thaw at room temp all day. It will rise nicely. Put other ingredients in fridge. Make and bake as usual.


  1. I buy the Boboli whole wheat pizza crusts at the bakery thrift store, at a cost of $1.09 each. They can be frozen, and taken out at the last minute. I usually open a fresh jar of spaghetti sauce and place the remainder of the jar in the refrigerator to use for spaghetti within a few days. So, we can have pizza without even planning for it until the last minute--works as a nice back-up when the "planned" dinner doesn't thaw in time.

  2. This is a great idea! I recently made quiche in a bag for the freezer and it turned out well!

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