Anti Procrastination Challenge

Em and I finished her first clothing sewing project. ( It only took four months....sigh) It was my fault that she did not get to the project as I kept putting it off. She did an awesome job and has a wonderful pair of pj bottoms. They are made out of her favorite monkey fabric.



  1. Four months is not very long for a first project. They look very comfy and warm. Great job.


  2. Wahoo ! You gals did great!! I sure wish I was there. Sewing is a area I need more teaching in. I love simple quilts but when it comes to clothes...I mess up a lot w/o someone there to take me step by step like good old mom. ((sigh))

    YOur doing GREAT ! Keep up the GREAT work. Your such a good mama. (((((HUGS)))))

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  3. I love these!! I have a few different pair of pj's like this and I wear them OFTEN!! They look great on her!!! She did a great job!!! You did great staying with it in teaching her!!! Hey, so what if it took 4 months!! You finished the job!! THAT'S what matters!! : }

    Awesome job!!! Congrats on finishing!!! : }



  4. You did it!!! Em did it!!! You guys finished a project!!! You are terrific!!! I am so happy for you two that this is done. Sometimes just getting over the first thing makes all the rest fall into line. And they're adorable, to boot!


    Have a wonderful day (and I am no more inspired to get-up-and-go than it sounds as though you are this morning *sigh*)~



  5. They are so pretty!!! She did a great job.


  6. Good going!!! Great job. My daughter would LOVE that fabric.

    Be blessed,


  7. I've got fabric, pattern, etc. all for my oldest to sew a pair of PJ pants. It seems to get shoved to the bottom of the must do list. We're hoping she can make some for all the family, extended too, for Christmas. I suppose it needs to make it up at least closer to the list soon.


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