How Many????

Yesterday we had an unusual math problem. I was trying a new recipe ( Homemade Hamburger Helper) and it called for 16 oz of Noodles. Here is the problem we buy our noodles in bulk bags.  ( with no directions ect on the package, bulk as in: they are in a clear plastic bag) So just how much is 16 oz. Not wanting to waste or use too many noodles for the recipe we pulled out this nifty scale hubby had for work.  We are using Bow Ties for the recipe. Here is what we discovered! 4 cups of BowTies equals 16 oz exactly. Then my 12yo dd wanted to see how many bow ties there were in 4 cups. So she measured a portion, did some math and came up with 512 bowties in a pound.

Now of course I was quick to point out to our daughter that that measurement goes for just the bow ties. It will not be the same for flat noodles or elbow noodles. So the saga of weighing the noodles may continue!

The recipe was good but not great. With some tweaking it will be a keeper as it is quick to make, super easy, economical, and better tasting than the stuff in the box ( even before tweaking).


  1. I love real life math ! The boys and I have been doing that a lot lately. With all the soap mixes and per cost figuring. And then there is muiliplying our batches of this and that during this season. [0= I look forward to your recipe sweetie.

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  2. Don't you just love homeschooling. Math and cooking go hand in hand.

    Be blessed,


  3. Wow, great hands on math. My mom was from England and her recipes were in weighted measures. I still have the scale she used when I was a child. It's missing just the very smallest 1/2 oz. weight.

    I've seen a net Christmas craft with the bow ties painted green and maybe glued on a circle to make a wreath.

    I'll have to see the craft blog.

    In Him,

    Marie & Joy

  4. What a great 'real math' class! I think sometimes that the text books are easier than the 'real math' - the daily problems that you have to apply! :) And there's no answer key!



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