Show and Tell Friday


The gals and I went to the trift store on Wednesday. As many of you know, I only buy super cheap stuff! I was in need of a modest well fitting bathing suit.  I found one! A Lands End one piece for $4.99! It looks and feels as if it has never been washed or worn. Like brand new. Similar suits at Lands End cost $89.50! Now I would never spend that on a bathing suit. We live 45 minutes from the ocean and also swim at the Y often. A suit, even a good one, rarely last more than a season. They just wear out.

My second bargin is this pretty spring green skirt. I saw it hanging in the window as I pulled up and just had to have it! It was a deal at $1.99. Just in time for Easter!


  1. You are an incredible shopper! What beautiful finds! I love the colors and especially the savings! :)

  2. I love deals too. You got some great ones. Ahhh! 45 minutes from the ocean~how lovely.



  3. I love thrift stores! The one near us has everything half off the first week-end of each month. I can't wait until yard sale season starts up again, too. Have a blessed week.

  4. You really found some fantastic deals. I love shopping when I find great bargains.

  5. Those are soooooooooooo pretty ! You and I have very similar taste. You now need to get a pic of you in your skirt. There is a skirt pattern the the HSB sells that I want to get. I think it would make very simple pretty skirts for spring and summer. Yes spring has started to really arrive now. YEAH ! I pray your day was a blessing.

    Blessings and ((Hugs)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  6. Wow! Great bargains, and they're beautiful! :)


  7. AWESOME!!! I love Land's End!!! Their bathing suits are amazing and should hold up. We wear the rash guard type~~~they are full shirts and shorts. My dd and I both have Land's End ones and they are awesome and very modest. They are one of the few companies that have modest suits available.

    And the skirt is just beautiful.

    Be blessed,


  8. That is wonderful. I love shopping at thrift stores. You can always find the neatest things.



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