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Mar 7: Num 28-30

The Lord repeated the laws because this was a new generation. The overall lesson is the serve the Lord with the best that we have daily. I like this commentary on Num 30: By the sacrifices enjoined in this chapter, we are reminded of the continued power of the sacrifice of Christ, and of our continual need to depend thereon. No hurrying employments, or perilous situations, or prosperous circumstances, should cause slackness in our religious exercises; but should rather stir us up to greater diligence in seeking help from, or giving thanks to the Lord. And all is to be accompanied with repentance, faith is the Lord Jesus, and love to him, and to produce true holiness in our conduct towards all men; otherwise God will abhor our most solemn services and abundant devotions. And Christ is able to supply the wants of every day, every week, every month, every year, every ordinance, every case.

Mar 8: Num 31-32

This gives a good explanation of the women and children spared in battle and why. http://www.biblegateway.com/resources/commentaries/index.php?action=getCommentaryText&cid=21&source=2&seq=i.4.31.3

Mar 9: Num 33-34

Great commentary on the wanderings in the desert and how it relates to our lives


The Exodus


Satellite Maps: I love looking at real images of the earth! http://www.science.co.il/Satellite_images.asp Gives you an idea of the vastness of the desert and how dry the actual route was.
Mar 10: Num 35-36

Oh my…suburbs are in the Bible! 35:3­-7

Yippie I have finished numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 11: Deut 1-2
Mar 12: Deut 3-4
Mar 13: Deut 5-7

Mar 14: Deut 8-10

Really good commentary on 8 through 10. Timely message for today. http://www.biblegateway.com/resources/commentaries/index.php?action=getCommentaryText&cid=22&source=2&seq=i.5.10.1


  1. I am still in Numbers.

    HYHave a good week:0)

  2. That was an interesting peek into the reasons of the general killing off of everybody sometimes but then sometimes sparing the women and children. When I was younger, I couldn't understand why the Israelites would be ordered by GOD to kill all of those people. But then when I learned more, it was a judgment on those sinful (horribly sinful) nations, who had no doubt had years and years to repent and just got worse. As awful as it was, it would be worse to let Israel let them live so they could bring them down. And that's just what happened.


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