Weekly Wrap Up


From the Heart: This week marks my our 29th year of marriage. Seems like only yesterday that we walked down the isle, but a lifetime of learning and growing together. It would take many post to share the blessings!

We went out to a favorite bbq place and cruised the beach. ( it was too crowded to walk). Hubby got me some pretty flowers and a movie. photos at the bottom of post.

Our first born will be married in a month. We will gain a wonderful daughter.

Our second oldest son passed his drivers test today. We are proud of this accomplishment! He received a free car a few weeks ago. Graduated from high school/homeschool and will be headed off to school in October.

Our daughters are moving up to 8th and 10th grade.

Many milestones in our lives this year!

Spiritual Growth: Needing to get up earlier! Walk in the garden so to speak. It gets easy to let the schedule carry you away from time with the Lord. I have started a bible study called Vital Pursuits.

 On the Homefront: Working in 20 or so minute spurts to clear clutter areas. This seems to work for me. Clutter happens! We live in an old home with small closets, not enough closets, odd shaped rooms ( that do not allow for extra dressers). My bedroom seems to be a catch all. I am in the process of trying to change it from catch all to parent retreat.

In the School Room:

I have been to the library to scout out books for summer reading. My goal was to find historical fiction books that would go along with what we just finished in History and go on into what we will be studying in the Fall. ( 1865 through Present) Some of the books I need are not at our library. So I will look for them at books stores etc. Here are the books that I found:

The date is the time period of the story.

The Color of Fire ( 1741 )

Mutiny’s Daughter (1789)

Desperate Journey (1848)

North By Night (1851)

Riddle of the Prairie Bride (1878)

My Face to the Wind  (1881)

The gals will be doing a report, a map and a timeline on each book.

We pretty much have wrapped up all our studies for the year with the exception of Math.

I have spent a few hours this week planning curriculum for next year.  I will need to purchase/borrow/barter for a few things.  I will post our plans on a separate post later in the summer season.

In the Literary Scene: Bible, Daughter’s Biology Book, Studying Composers for next school year, rereading American History so I can be fresh in the fall.

On the Mission Field: Changing day and time we go out so as not to duplicate what other ministries are doing. Its an adjustment.

On the creative side: Working on curriculum at the moment. This is one of my favorite things to do! I love to dive into the books over the summer and read and plan.

I am still working on the gourds! Messy project. Hope to have that done soon so we can begin creating with them.

Tightwad Living: Squeezing out the curriculum for the fall. Getting the word out about what I need early so I can borrow or barter for stuff will save money and frustration. Having my list done and a copy in the car so when I am out and about helps a lot. I have found books at yard sales, thrift stores, and library sales. Having the list keeps me on track!

In the Garden; The new bed is done! We do not have the cash to amend the soil, nor do I have homemade compost this year.  So we will plant extra seeds and a prayer! What comes up will.

Lifestyle Change Progress Lost 2 lbs. Almost made my end of May goal. 3lbs short of it.

In the Kitchen Made yoghurt cheese. This is a very small batch. You will end up with about half of what you started with if the texture is correct. It is very much like cream cheese. Use just like sour cream or cream cheese. Here is a recipe for Italian Herb Cheese using yoghurt cheese.

Italian Herb Cheese

1 c. yogurt cheese

1 c. sour cream

1 t. garlic powder (or fresh garlic)

1/2 t. sea salt

Fresh or dried herbs of your choice (basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano, etc.)

Mix together until smooth.

Yoghurt is a probiotic which is very good for you. You can learn all about probiotics  here  http://www.thenibble.com/reviews/nutri/probiotic-food.asp  

That’s about it for the week!






  1. Happy Anniversary! I am glad to see other homeschoolers who have done the high school thing. I will be there in two years and will need lots of advice. Lord willing you will still be on here blogging!

    You may be able to find your books on ebay or half.ebay.com. How fun to work on your own curriculum. Lord bless it!

  2. ThreeLittleLadiesMay 31, 2009 at 12:26 PM

    What a lot of work you do each week. You are amazing!



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