Weekly Wrap Up


From the Heart: Some weeks go as planned …others plan for you! I had a bad summer cold/flu this week. I am on the up side of that now but it sure stopped me from accomplishing what I had “planned”. It gave me time to work on catching up on bible study, curriculum planning, and reading.

Spiritual Growth Back on track with Through the Bible in a Year. About 1 ½ months behind. Working to catch up by end of July! Getting up earlier!

 On the Homefront: Just kept above water with house work this week. Will have to try and get more done over the weekend.

In the School Room: I worked on Biology lessons. We will be doing the Botany section over the summer. It just makes sense to collect plant and seed specimens while they exist! ( and in such abundance)

Bought the gals Spelling / Vocabulary books for next year. Also got books for English and Composition. We have a heavy year of Science and History ahead and I wanted to lighten the load on English this year. Both gals do very well in grammar and composition. We will be using Daily Grams and Writing for 100 Days. They will also have other composition work in science, art, and history. We journal a lot. CM Style.

Spent a few hours looking for a history curriculum, French, Chinese, Composers (music), Art (American Artist). The cost of all was overwhelming to me. I will have to do what I have always done. Plan my own using books, internet, videos, etc. We will have to purchase dds 1 French. ( I do not have a clue how to teach it) I was able to find Mandarin Chinese on line to satisfy dd2 for now. It has 32 weeks of free lessons. Next year she will need the real thing. ( she will be in high school)

In the Literary Scene: Bible, Daughter’s Biology Book, Studying Composers for next school year, rereading American History so I can be fresh in the fall.

On the Mission Field: This week went very well. The day and time change did make a difference so we will keep it.

We have had two families “graduate” from needing to use the food pantry. Such good news!

We will be busy next week as the food bank is offering free shopping once again. This time we can go each day. I am thinking we will feel like a squirrel putting away nuts for winter!

On the creative side: Working on curriculum at the moment. This is one of my favorite things to do! I love to dive into the books over the summer and read and plan.

Currently working on Botany unit. I love this because it is very hands on.

I am still working on the gourds! Messy project. Hope to have that done soon so we can begin creating with them.

In the garden each day, Some photos below.

Tightwad Living: Got some nice books from the free box at our homeschool book store this week. Thankful I can plan my own curriculum…praying for blessings!

I had a coupon from my favorite thrift store. I bought this awesome stove set: spoon rest, oil holder, utinsil holder, ( plate from a different sale), 2 antique books from 1903 all for$0.00! I love sunflowers! So this just made my day. I love going to this thrift store!

The green dishes in the photo I paid 50 cents each for. There are four of them. They are old. They match my favorite casserole dish.

In the Garden; We had temps in the 90s and then heavy heavy rains. The seeds came up in 2 days! Some will die due to water log but many have made it. The joy of watching the garden come alive is amazing!The mystery seeds look like 4 oclocks. We will see!

Lifestyle Change Progress Lost 2 lbs. One lb short of my goal.

In the Kitchen This weeks theme seem to be BBQ and quick and easy! No new creations.




  1. You always amaze me my SSiC. I wish I could crawl into your brain and see how you map out your curriculum. ( and do all you do at the same time) I use to be confident in this area but I have lost my confience. I have to somehow step back and ask God how he wants me to use what I have and make it fit. I know it will be a Charlotte Mason style and then I need to allow God to guide my plans. When life is soooooo full I don't have time to reflect and then I feel like I am lost. I need time to mull and think and pray my lessons out. I am stuggling how to have that reflective time. Thank you for being such a sweet friend. ((hugs))

    I love getting to see all that you are doing with your dc. Thank you for giving us a peek into your life.

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

  2. ThreeLittleLadiesJune 7, 2009 at 11:49 AM

    You sound busy, and what neat dishes you found!


  3. Pam @ Mom's MutteringsJune 8, 2009 at 10:30 AM

    It sounds like you are on top of those lesson plans. I am not! I need to get started soon. I have the general idea of what I want and all the textbooks. I just need to make it more hands on.



  4. Hi, just popping in to check and see how your week transpired. I wouldn't want to be sick, but I was a bit jealous of you and being able to read and catch up on some areas while resting. Hope you're feeling better.

  5. Sorry, that last commenter was me, Belinda, over at With a Taste of Chocolate. God bless.



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