Weekly Wrap Up




From the Heart: This past week I was craft leader at a Christian Camp. Each day was busy from 630 am till after 11pm.  Even with all the business I had plenty of time with the Lord. That’s the way it is with camp, you have time to reflect and listen. It was a blessing. Each session has a common thread with the last. Plenty of bible learning in the midst of tons of hands on activities. We had fabulous chapel two times each day. Chapel was filled with worship, prayer, object lessons, games, and practical bible lessons.

On Tuesday I got a call from hubby saying our daughter in law had been in a biking accident. I packed and we went the 6 hours to our sons home. She is fine ( now) 6 staples in her head and bruising. It brought to my attention what is most important. It was good to spend time with our son and his bride.

Spiritual Growth: Slowing down for the week and only have to deal with the kids and being part of the camp team was refreshing. No TV, internet, phone (I do not have a cell phone), I had time to read, refresh and listen.

I enjoyed living out of my suitcase for the week. Simple was good. The daily purpose was so focused on the Lord and all worldly cares set aside. This really makes you think about all that you do and what it counts for.

 On the Homefront: Hubby did well to care for all the critters. It was so very quiet. Now that we are home I accomplished all the laundry, cleaning and am now relaxing.  We had a flea outbreak this week in spite of all the animals being treated. So I spent a great deal of time retreating, spraying and cleaning.

In the School Room: The gals were away at a missionary work camp. Lots of learning! They did missionary work during the day and camp type activities at night. They learned about the Roma peoples  http://encarta.msn.com/encyclopedia_761568856/Roma_(people).html   http://www.gypsyloresociety.org/cultureintro.html We have a large population of Roma here in the US and Canada. My oldest dd worked with children in low income housing each day. My youngest dd worked in a nursing home each day. Other areas of ministry were building, cleaning, drama, music.

In the Literary Scene I am reading The Quilt of Life by Mary Tatem  I love the short devotions that celebrate Gods work in our lives.

On the Mission Field: Hubby went out while I was away. We missed this week because the gals are sick. Swine Flu.

On the creative side: I was craft teacher all week at camp. Loved working with the kids and seeing all their talent. To me this is the easiest station to do at camp. The kids love relaxing ( in doors in the AC!) and chatting and creating. It’s very low key.

Tightwad Living: Hmmm…well with no one home we had to toss a lot of food. We made an unexpected trip, and had a flea outbreak the week we were gone. ( costing  a bit) So this past couple of weeks stretched the budget. This is all part of tightwad living. Stuff happens that is unexpected.

In the Garden; Sunflowers are very tall and in bloom!  Everything looks as though it has grown many feet! We had a lot of rain this past week. Today we tackled the mowing and some of the weeding.

Lifestyle Change Progress: I gained 7 lbs at camp. I did not exercise self control! I fell right back into old habits. I have already gotten back on track and have lost 3lbs. Still I was shocked at how easy it was to fall back into the old habits. I really need to work on self control outside the comfort of home. It’s easy to stay on track in the environment I have set up. I remove the temptations and control it better.

In the Kitchen: I did not cook all week! It was a joy! Camp food was fabulous (as the extra pounds witness!)




  1. ThreeLittleLadiesAugust 4, 2009 at 6:39 AM

    I'm glad you had a great time at camp and the girls had a good time at missionary camp. Blessings to you!


  2. It sounds as though the camp week was a great, refreshing experience. I'm so glad for you!


    Annie Kate

  3. Ohh all the ups and downs of life. Makes life intresting, eh ? I pray that the girls get well ASAP. It is good to get out and be away from all the technoligy and not be distracted and spend some refreshing time with the Lord. I am needing some of that. But what would help is not have the temptation of having the computer near by. I would like to take a week off of blogging but it would be real hard. Hmmmm maybe I should set a goal of 3 days to start with. [0= Got to start some where.

    Thank you for being such a good friend

    Blessing and ((HUGS))

    In Him<><


  4. I am glad you had such a wonderful time at camp. Sometimes it is good to get away for a period of rest and reflection with God.

    I'm sorry the girls have the flu. I hope they will be feeling better soon. I'm also happy that your daughter in law was okay. How scary!

    It's good to hear from you. I have been by your blog a couple of times lately, but didn't always get to leave a comment because someone always "needs me."




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