Tightwad Tuesday

Meal Planning saves time and money! I have shared this before but with a new school year and new schedules its time to put good planning in the kitchen back into action.

I plan meals with my whole family. My girls will be doing the bulk of the cooking this year so they will also be planning the meals. We have a few rules for planning:

We must use what we already have in our pantry, fridg and freezer. We must plan so that at least one meal each week is leftovers. We must plan around time schedules ( two nights a week are quick out the door nights and the meals need to reflect that)

Meals are planned, items pulled from the pantry, and  all the meat for the week is pulled from the freezer on Sunday. ( put in the fridg). Meal plan is posted on the fridg.

Doing all of this helps with impulse to just cook anything, go out to eat, ect. Our meals are more nutritious, yummy, and enjoyed by everyone.

Here is a great site on meal planning: http://organizedhome.com/kitchen-tips/menu-planning-save-time-kitchen

A great way to start saving is to do an inventory of your freezer and pantry. Plan around what you already have as much as possible. Look for new recipes. We love looking on line and getting cook books at the library.

Get the whole family involved! My kids have cooked in the kitchen since they could sit on the counters and stir something in a bowl.

Here are a few favorite sites:



http://www.yummycrockpotrecipes.com/  ( has recipes by seasons )

http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/ This gal did a year of crockpotting and then produced a book! I love her creative recipes.




  1. I really need to get into planning meals. Thank you so much for all the links!

    Annie Kate

  2. I was nodding my head in agreement with your post, thinking, that's right, that's why I meal plan, when Whammy!!! Something new hit me.

    You plan your meals from WHAT'S ALREADY IN THE HOUSE. Hunh. I plan mine from what's on sale at the store, but then what if I don't get to the store on the day I was supposed to? Then I'm scrambling. You've given me a whole new way to look at this.... thank you, my friend!! Can't wait to tackle my meal planning this week a little differently! I'm betting this is going to save all kinds of money, too, because then I just shop for what we're out of, and what's on sale. Duh!! ((HUGS))

    Have a great week!



  3. love the idea of pulling it all on sunday i never thought of that before great idea


  4. love the idea of pulling it all on sunday i never thought of that before great idea


  5. Just like Shani's lightbulb it was a help to me too ! That way no matter what was on sale that week you can cook from the great deals you got the week before ! Wahoo you are soooooooo smart. ((hugs)) I stuggle as I have told you with planning meals. I tend to be spirit lead in that area. ((blush)) I need to plan from what we got and stay one step ahead. [0=

    Blessings and ((hugs))

  6. You are so right about getting all the ingredients together and having it all planned out. It really does cut back on eating out.

  7. I think I got one of those crockpot sites from you before...but I haven't spent enough time looking at it, so thanks for more links! I especially like your idea of taking ALL the meat out of the freezer for the week's meals. That's my #1 downfall on having dinner ready, is I forget to defrost the meat. Then I'm sunk!

    God Bless,

    Lori (aka Plans4You)

  8. Tina, check your messages on homeschoolblogger. I pm'd you. :-)

  9. We are back from vacation. So, I am spending a few moments catching up with my dear bloggy friends.

    Meal planning is one of my greatest tools in life as well. We do very simular to you, taking inventory of what we have, leftovers, etc. What fun having the girls preparing things to learn how to order their future homes as well.

    Be blessed,



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