Thrift Store Treasures

This week marked the end of quarter one at our school. So the gals had friday off. We celebrated by having a mom and daughter date. We did our favorite thing: Shop. But we do not shop at regular stores! I love love love saving money. We are thrift store, yardsale and flea market regulars. I buy clothes, shoes, needed dishes, books, gifts, furniture. and jewerly second hand.  We try not to buy things we only want as opposed to need. Sometimes though if something is a great buy I will get it because I "want" it. It was a blessing to spend time with my gals and just enjoy shopping together.

I bought a 1960 lamp ( that I LOVE and need!) for 2.00!. A wall plaque ( a want but I sure love it) for 1.99, Some candle holders. A basket. A beautiful round frame and print for 25 cents. A train set for hubby. Beautiful dishes.

 I want to share about the dishes. We had a dinner for some friends on Friday. I really wanted to decorate for fall. So I went looking for fall themed paper plates. The cheapest fall design paper plates I could find cost $2.99 for 8. I needed at least 12 and dessert plates. Just could not see wasting that kind of money. At the thrift store I found a complete old set of fall themed porciline dishes for $5.00! Serving platter, bowls, salad plates, plates, cups and saucers to serve 8. Not quite enough for my dinner party but a close enough match to mix and match with my white dishes and make it festive.

DD got two pair of jeans for 5.50. This would have cost her 100.00 brand new. A pair of vans. A beautiful bird cage for $3.00.

My younger daughter got an antique suitcase ( she sort of collects vintage stuff), a cute pair of shoes, and six first edition Nancy Drew books. ( by Carolyn Keene) These books we 50 cents each.

All the stores we go to have a free table. I love this! We always find something.

All toll the gals and I spent $25.94 on $433.99 worth of stuff!

And this photo has nothing to do with thrift stores....just our love of our felines.

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  1. You found a treasure trove ! Wahoo for you !!

    I have to say that it is important to get pretty things to if they really add to the beauty of the home and make you feel good. I have been trying to only have what really makes me feel good. So if you find something that fits that bill then it is a GOOD thing. [0=

    I love what you were able to do with the dishes ! ((patting you on the back))

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


    PS: I have a confession to make....I have had to taste the rhubarb juice b/c hubby hasn't been able to do that while he has been busy. But only little tastes though. [0=


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