Show and Tell Friday: Music Appreciation

We are blessed to find free opportunities for our children to enrich their music appreciation. This month was the kick off the the Comminity Music Series. The first concert was free and was held in a very old church. We were treated to piano, violin and voice of very talented and famous people. We listened to pieces by Adlophus Halstork, Claude Debussy, Florent Schmitt, Ralph Vaughtn Williams, Sergei Prokofiev and Andrey Kasparov. Andrey Kasparov  and his wife Oksana Lutsyshyn live locally.

Our 18 yo son is a music major in college. This week we were part of the audience of Improv Jazz Band. Another great opportunity for learning as the professor in charge was teaching a Music Appreciation class while directing the Improv! Before each piece was played he explained the style and a bit of history about the composer and the song.

Here is a photo of the Jazz Band. The band was to play outside on the "green": a beautiful patch of green in the middle of many buildings. They were forced to play in cramped quarters due to rain. The band is in the college admissions foyer right in front of the elevators and sorta wrapped around down the hall. Josh is the blond in the middle of the photo.

We are looking forward to our next free concert: Candlelight Noel. Josh and Jazz Band are also playing several more times this semester.


  1. You all must be in music heaven ! I am sure you will love all this musical times you will get to be apart of.

    Sending you blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  2. I decided to leave you the recipe here. If that is okay. [0=

    To make the juice:

    Cut cleaned (rinsed ) rubarb into 2 inch lenghts ( 5cm's) and freeze them( to help break down the fibers).

    Then fill your pot with the frozen rubarb. Fill with water till it just covers the rubarb.

    Bring to a simmer till the rubarb just begins to break down.

    Cool, ( I actually suggest let it sit over night ) strain and reserve juice .

    Reheat juice to pasturization and add honey or other sweetener to taste. Can or freeze juice.

    Enjoy !!!

    This year I am going to be making some batches that are rhaspberry/ rhubarb.

  3. All that music sounds wonderful! Enjoy.

    Annie Kate


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