Find Room 219...Pass this on!


Here is something really good. Randy Forbes is our Congressman here in southeastern Virginia. He is a great Christian man. If you YouTube him you will find many good speeches he has made about taking back our Nation and doing the right things under God.

 He and many other Congressman and woman asked to use room 219 at the capitol building for a prayer room. http://www.findroom219.com/aboutus.php

 Each week they pray and ask God for wisdom in the decisions they make for our country.

 Randy Forbes has spearheaded this and is putting it all on the line for God.

 At church today we were privileged to preview the website and watch some of the video. As I type this the website is going live. Please take a look at it and sign up to support the people in Congress who are trusting in God, not themselves or the President.

The website is www.findroom219.com

 It is also on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Find-Room-219/192383032116   

 Randy Forbes also has a great blog website with lots of good information. http://forbes.house.gov/Blog/

 Please pass this on to as many people as possible and ask them to join in to pray for our nation and change the heart of our Country

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