Weekly Wrap Up


From the Heart:

So grateful for family and celebrations that bring us together. Christmas is my favorite and we celebrate the whole month! Its not the gifts but the time invested in honoring Jesus, spending time with friends and family, the preparing for the one day. I think it is a lot like the Lord preparing for the bride groom…the joy and anticipation, the beauty.

In the School Room:

We are working hard to stay on track during this busy season. I did slack off a bit and reassign some of the work . The gals are studying the Nutcracker for literature and music this month. We are also taking a break in Art. Finding it difficult to be motivated with all the other creative things we are already doing.  We have been making pomanders . You can learn about them here: http://www.make-stuff.com/kids/pomander.html   We made our last pomanders 20 years ago. I wanted to show our daughter in law how to make them.  I sent them home with an old one made by my son when he was 3 and a new one made by his bride.

On the Mission Field:

So much happening here. In November we did 125 Thanksgiving Baskets for our food pantry clients. We saw a great increase in clients in the past three weeks. We are still going out weekly to minister with the homeless. Yesterday our senior high youth group made hot meals and came out to minister for the first time. It was cold and rainy. They did an awesome job! Two of the homeless that we minister to were elderly. One 63 the other 72. One of them has been on the street for ten years. I just cannot imagine family allowing their loved ones to be out there.  The clothing closet has been very very busy. Folks are in need and it is such a blessing to see the needs met in simple ways.

In the Literary Scene:

Jesus the Messiah by Cindy Ziegler,   A Woman’s Heart , by Beth Moore

I want to leave you with a poem written by one of the homeless that we minister to:

The Concrete  Jungle

A Helping hand to a homeless person,

Weather your know it or not goes a long way.

The groups of churches that give up their precious time,

Has given someone a place to rest and lay.

Not everyone can freely open their hearts.

As well as opening up the doors to their home.

I’m hoping my words give you an insight

To what I’m trying to reflect in this poem.


I have seen homelessness from the inside looking out,

Y9our have seen homelessness from the outside looking in.

Survival on the streets is a day to day war.

A vicious battle that someday they will win.

Your churches have been a safe haven for them,

Because countless lives have been lost on these mean streets.

The shelter is there for those who are in need,

And it’s an experience no one wants to repeat.

I speak for those who sincerely do appreciate,

Those who open their hearts as well as their doors.

God will bless your for all you have done,

For your kindness our Lord does adore

From those of us who have graced your halls,

Much love and happiness you do graciously bring

May God Bless your and keep you

Forever under His wing….  By LTM ( homeless person)


  1. newfrontiersacademyDecember 6, 2009 at 11:44 AM

    It is always so fun to find posts on my blog. It is almost like getting mail from friends! Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed reading you blog and hearing about your life there.

  2. Incredible poem. You are doing a wonderful thing, Tina, and they can see that you are His hands.



  3. It's been too long, and I popped over here after seeing you at Carol's (ThreeLlittleLadies). God bless the work of your hands as you minister to the homeless. We have, in the last 2 months, fed people through our church's 2 food drives--in one case, over 800 carloads of groceries!--and I have to say that it's been one of the more meaningful efforts I've been a part of in a very long time. I know I was blessed as much as any in the line.


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