Thursday Talkin' About Teenagers

"Got teens? You lucky dogs. 
Spend time with them; enjoy them; listen to them; and love them. 
They are the most incredible people, these emerging adults,
and they can become the best friends you'll ever have."
~Diana Waring, Reaping the Harvest. The Bounty of Abundant-Life Homeschooling~
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  • Simply write a positive post about something (or things) that your homeschooling teenager has done which impressed you this week.  Keep it focused on good/encouraging/growth-maturity-related things you've observed about them; lessons they've learned, or that you've learned through them.  

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 This is super short! The gals have both been sick this week with the cold/flu stuff. Not a great week of school. Learning how to rest and care for one self when sick is soooo hard when the schedule is so full.

DD1 Keeping her cool under pressure. Definately a mature thing!

DD 2 Thoughtful of others. Aways thinking of how to cheer others up.

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  1. Isn't is wonderful when they get older and begin to handle difficulties in life with such maturity? I've noticed that with my boys, too. Oh, I do hope they feel better soon! Tell them Lori in Chicago is praying for them! (That is IF you want them to know you've been blogging about them, LOL!)

    Have a blessed day, dearest!

    Lori (aka Plans4You)


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