Talkin About Teens Thursday


 I am not sure I have ever shared about my oldest teen in my house so here goes:

Our oldest ( still at home) is an 18 year old young man who is a budding musician. He has graduated from homeschool highschool and is attending our local community college with plans to major in the music field. He is a very talented guitar player ( bass, electic and acoustic), budding piano player, and likes to sing as well. He collects vintage music equipment ( amps and such) He is a regular on our church worship band as well as playing for another church and in his own band.  He also has a full time job with a wonderful Christan employer. We are very proud of the way he manages his time with school, work, and his social life. It is so amazing to be sharing in the part of his journey. I cannot even begin to share all the wonderful character qualities he has. He cares deeply for others and is very thoughtful. He is a dependable on time kind of guy. He knows who he is in the Lord. He blesses us!


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  1. It is sooooooo wonderful to hear such wonderful kids making their way in the world and impacting it for God.

    Sending you BIG ((HUGS)) and blessings

    In Him<><


  2. Thanks for sharing him with us! What a neat mix of interests, with the collecting of old music things...perhaps he will become a dealer specializing in these items, on the side, as he makes his way in the music business??! It will be wonderful to watch God at work in his life :-)




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