Weightloss Wednesday


I did much better this week! Cut portions, stayed away from sugar, and lost 4lbs. I still need to exercise more, and cut more of the starch from my diet. ( bread and noodles mostly).

Found this recipe blog. Most of the recipes are under 200 calories. http://dietrecipesblog.com/

And this site: http://whatscookingamerica.net/RecipeIndexDiet.htm  Both of these sites have nutrition values for the food and helpful hints on how to cut the fat.

I hope all of you are enjoying the journey to a better you!


  1. Tina you are so good at this. I feel like I am all thumb at the food thing. I need to somehow figure hour portion sizes. And for the first time count calories. I have really avoided this b/c my past eating disorder. But I really need to drop 20 lbs and get into shape. I will be starting my walk away the lbs again today or tomorrow. Hey I need to post some of this on a WW for me, lol.

    Keep on keeping on ! You are doing GREAT !

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  2. PS: thank you sooooooo much for those links !

  3. Great job, Tina!!! I'm so happy for you~ one week at a time, right? My headaches are from the giving-up stage, :P. They'll hopefully be gone soon...

    Have a wonderful week, and I'm so glad we're doing this together!! :)



  4. WAHOO!! We are twins, haha. 4lbs is wonderful. I can wait to check out that website with dishes under 200. I bought a cookbook last year with everything in it for under 200...it has lots of snacks and good ideas. Although, I tend to get in cooking ruts, so I like new.

    Be blessed,


  5. SunshineonmyshoulderJanuary 13, 2010 at 7:23 AM

    Sticking with it gets tough sometimes!!! But alas we must. Thanks for the sites!!!

    As for starches, be careful what you cut, try switching to whole wheat and brown rice. I was able to pick up some pasta at the health food store a while back, made from whole wheat and/or rice. Those have nutrients and carry you longer, just eat the starches early in the day, before 3, and you are good to go. Remember our brain needs glucose, those starchy foods are what turn to glucose, so not grains (starches) no brain power. I need ALL the brain power I can get!!!

  6. Wow, that is an accomplishment!


  7. Yay!!! Good for you :-) I know once I get my "engine" revved back up, I'll feel better as well!



  8. Hey Tina, just getting around to asking you a question regarding your post on my blog, been a busy week.

    You said you used Spark People in the past, are you still using it, if you think about it look me up ValerieNeal.

    Oh, I'm not logging in to HSB right now, so if you have not had enough coffee yet and still can't place me hop on over to www.walkininsunshine.blogspot.com and see if that reminds you-that's what I would have to do. See you on Wednesday!!!


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