Thursday Takin About Teens


  Sensitive topics: How do you talk about them with your teen? I spent many hours in prayer before discussing a senstive topic with my 13 year old. It seems genetics and poor habits ( mine untill last year) have caught up with her around the middle. I remember this being difficult for me at a teenager. I was a twig most of my early life but for a short while became quite pudgy.  I am happy to say our talk went well. We have a plan and she still has a smile on her face. No tears. PTL!!!!!!!

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  1. PTL! Thank you, Tina, for posting. I don't have any daughters (looking forward to a d.i.l. someday, Lord willing!), and I'm sure there are lots more emotions and hormones that come with mother-daughter talks, LOL! Sounds like you two did a great job on this one. It's hard...they feel like they're so "grown up," but they need so much guidance still! The balance comes in approaching them like they ARE grown, so I don't insult their existing maturity. I don't always do it right, usually if I'm over-tired/stressed, and I am too quick to speak and too slow to listen.

    God Bless you,



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