Talkin About Teens Thursday

New Cars.....

You have all undoubtly started to or have gone through drivers training, and have a new driver in your home. We will be starting child number three behind the wheel this spring.

All of our kids were blessed with a free car the first year or so of their driving career. These cars are usually very old and last a few years. The oldest a van someone no longer needed, the next a nice 4 door and the one not yet driving also a nice 4 door. ( we have not yet gotton this one but it is promised to us). Then each has worked to buy their own and gotton it just prior to the old used car they were given was ready to be junked. ( exception of the last one) We consider this such a blessing! ( they really do need a car to go to work and earn the money needed to support the car so the free car is such a help)

Our oldest son was recently involved in an accident on ice. ( he is fine) He bought and paid for this car himself and put quite a bit into repairs recently. Due to the age of the car it was declared totalled. So we are helping him find another good used car.

Our next oldest son just purchased his first car this week. A nice Exterra. He had planned on getting a loan so he could build his credit. ( like his brother did) Guess what? No loans are being given for used older cars from independant dealers anymore. Nor can he get a credit card and the list goes on... how is a young adult suppost to start with a credit score if he has no way to build the credit? I guess that is another story. He paid cash for it. He works hard and saved the money and that is comendable but his plan to build credit for the future was squashed.

By the way our youngest daughter who is quite a few years from driving has already picked out what type of car she wants and plans to save for it and be ready to buy. I just hope we can find that red jeep wrangler she has in mind!

So whats the purpose of the post: plan early for your teens car, help them understand the cost of the purchase, the cost of upkeep, insurance ect long before they can actually drive. Ask around for a first car. You never know what folks will give you!

We set down rules for our kids long before they got their first car. They have to be working enough to pay for the car,repairs. taxes, and insurance. And most of all they have to be responsible drivers.

Sorry no pictures of the new car ( sons) at this time. Picked up a virus on two different computers through Photobucket this past month. So I am leary at the moment to use them.


  1. Yes, they need the car to go to work to pay for the car. That's so funny!

    I'm not looking forward to any of our children having wheels yet. Miss 17 has talked about it, but we're suggesting saving for university instead.

    Annie Kate

  2. I love how God provides. My 1st driver got his car just before we left to the coast. He got this car for a VERY good deal and it is great on gas. PTL.

    Oh btw when you get to visit your sister ? I am still trying to catch up to speed on everyone. Having a hard time getting back to normal after our trip. The day we got home Essie arrived. I felt like I landed back to regular life...running.

    Sending you a BIG ((HUG))

    In Him<><



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