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 Save Those Blue Jeans!

I saved blue jeans till I ran out of room for anymore. Thought I had enough to finish my sons rag quilt but had to ask friends for a few more donations. It was well worth the wait. The quilt only cost me 10.00 to make as I got the backing material 1/2 off. It is twin plus size.

My daughter has made countless purses and packs from old jeans. We have also made placemats, skirts from jeans, pillows, and door jam draft keepers.




This quilt is my sons favorite and still going strong! He is married now. Called a few months back to ask how to wash it!

Here are some links on making stuff with blue jeans:



I get my blue jeans for free as I work in a clothing closet and any stained, ripped or undesireable clothing becomes mine to recreate with. However you can ask friends, find reasonable sales at thrift stores, and keep the ones your kids grow out of.


  1. I wish I knew how to sew things from blue jeans, but sewing just isn't one of those things I enjoy.

  2. Beautiful! I am just learning to sew. I can only imagine how much effort this took.


  3. Ohhh I have wanted to make one of these for years. I have to admit I am not sure when it " will " be yet. Thank you so much for giving the link of how to make it. [0=

    I loved this post...thank you so much for bringing it out of the archives. ((hugs))

    blessings and ((hugs))

    In Him<><


  4. I've been saving jeans for quite a while, but have never gotten around to making the quilt I'd planned. I should get started. :)

    Thank you for the lovely inspiration!


    Annie Kate

  5. What a great "boy quilt!" How cool that he still loves it :-)




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