Weekly Wrap Up


Today ( Saturday) is a day of rest!!!!!Oh what a busy week it has been. A blur really. So very thankful for a slower day with few commitments. We did a bit of shopping with the gals. (still using birthday money!) And I spent some time with a friend over coffee and a doughnut. We also walked through one of our favorite thrift stores. Taking time to spend with a friend is so valuable. While I was gone DD1 washed the truck (a huge job) and Dd2 and her dad made a wonderful lasagna. We had a nice dinner and a movie. Relaxing!

Monday through Thursday we were busy with the food pantry gathering food, putting food away, serving clients. This takes many hours each week however the third week of the month is our busiest week and takes even more time. In the midst of all this work we still have to accomplish school. When spring arrives it is so difficult to concentrate on school!  We are pushing through and not giving in to the urge to take a break! (all ready did spring break). DD1 has to have all her studies done by the end of May as she is off to camp to work for the summer. Her dad has been working one on one with her in math to help her accomplish this. Friday I worked in the morning ( I clean a home for someone)and came home, cleaned and did school with the kids. (they do most of it on their own. I really cannot take much credit here) Friday evening we had our bible study group over for BBQ. It was nice to just sit and visit.

I have been trying to find glasses I can afford. My prescription has really changed a lot and it is necessary to get new glasses. I use progressive lenses due to the type of problem I have with my eyes. They are very costly. So here is my saga: I saved up the cash for the eye exam. I was excited because I had won a fifty dollar coupon towards my visit. When I ask how much just for the lens (I have a spare set of frames) I was shocked! $ 225.00. So I went to a discount place here in town. $265 plus a processing free for my frames. And another place $238.00 plus an even higher processing fee. So I will be using Zenni Optical. It is a mail order place recommended by another blogger. http://www.zennioptical.com/home.php   I can get my glasses lens, frame and all for 89.00 and up. They are cheaper for single vision and non progressive. I could have gotten my daughters glasses there for 12.00 but she has insurance so there was no need.

I want to share a great free resource with you. If you love to read then this is for you! Book Sneeze. http://booksneeze.com/   Book Sneeze will send you free books for an honest review of the book on your blog. I got my book in less than a week.  I already had the first book they offered me but took it anyway as it is the revised and updated version. It will make a great give a way or gift. And I am looking forward to rereading this book. Wild at Heart by John Eldredge.

I am doing a new bible study with the ladies at church starting this Monday. Here and Now ….There and Then by Beth Moore. It is a study on Revelation. Looking forward to it!

In the midst of the business this week I got some time in the garden. Still weeding and pulling out rocks. But its great relaxation. I love the time alone and time to think. Hoping to get the seeds in the garden this week. Its late but its been colder than usual this spring so maybe that’s a good thing.


  1. Thanks for the link. I'm going to check out BookSneeze tomorrow.

    Janet W

  2. Tina, I linked to you on my Homeschool Spotlight post today. :-)


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