Weekly Wrap Up

This has been a week of many contrast. I took a short blog break, reorganized the blog, my homeschool files, did quarter grades and reevaluated what we will be doing next year. Still working on next years plans and oldest dd last two years of highschool plan. The weather has been cold one day and very warm the next. We had a huge pollen bloom, the highest pollen index in the area in 25 years. Everything is yellow! This may have been the reason dear daughter 2 could not get over her cold and went into walking pnemonia.

We had two wonderful birthday celebrations. Dear son two turned 19 and dear daughter one turned 16. We did a family celebration for both and dd had a surprise Sweet Sixteen with all her friends. ( pics of that in below post)

Dd 1 has been working more. We are really working hard to help her keep up with school and juggle a job. A necessary skill for college. She will be headed off to be a counselor at summer camp the first of June so all her school work needs to be done before that.

Dear son 2 has been increasing his band activity and is participating often in area bands. This weekend he is playing for Big Noise, and the City of Norfolk as well as church worship.

Dear Daughter 2 has spent most of the week trying to feel better. However on Monday we did make it to the park for a nature walk. She still loves poking around the pond and such. We found the merganzer duck in the hollow tree nest again this year, turtles covered in alge as they begin to come out of their holes, and many other signs of spring. The duck always lays her eggs in this tree. Each year we loose trees in the park. But this old hollow but living tree seems to stand.She builds a high nest. We are not sure how she keeps the snakes from her eggs. Sure wish we could put a camera in there!

I tried to spend as much time as I could in the garden. Its hard on the back and legs! But I did enjoy digging in the dirt, the solatude and finding seedlings from last years garden.

 We went to the monthly library sale. Found a few great books. Headed to our favorite thrift store. More books! DD2 found a few chinese treasures.One of my favorite books that we found is Fieldbook of American Wildflowers. Its a reprint of a 1902 book.Not only does it have wildflowers but butterflies and bees. ( because butterflies and bees cross fertilize flowers)

Here are a few photos from our yard. Spring is really here!


  1. Hello, dearest!

    Spring--with all its pollen--has also sprung here, and my allergies have kicked in big time. Bryan, too, has had a cough that kinda bothers me following a nasty cold virus. He's had pneumonia once before, back in 3rd grade, it was a bad one. Now that I heard about your dd (I hope she's feeling better, btw!), I'm starting to think I'll take Bryan in pretty soon for a check if he doesn't imporve. He says his breathing feels fine, no pain with inhalation, but it just makes him cough when he takes a deep breath. Mainly it's that whenever he lays down to go to sleep, he starts coughing. That's what happened back in 3rd grade. I told myself then that if I ever heard that nighttime coughing, I'd pay attention. So now I'm worried! I know that I've had that, though, where a cough has lingered on for a couple weeks after a cold. So I'll just wait and watch!

    btw, wanted to clarify something: the Washington DC trip is only "required" by Mom...not by the state, or anything! I used the word loosely in my post...boy, that would be lousy if the state dictated where we had to take our kids, wouldn't it?

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!



    PS: I had to take a bloggy-break too...still kind of on it, just getting around to visiting again; and I love your new decor!

  2. I hope your dd is feeling all better now. The pollen is really getting to us too. Isn't it amazing how fast the kids grow up?



  3. I love the sketch-looking pictures at the top of your blog! Pollen has really been bad here too (near St. Louis). I've actually been wishing for rain.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, it has been a while for both of us. Sounds like you are busy, but a good busy. I like your photos, I'm hoping to start taking more photos myself. Glad spring is there for you. :)


  5. Wow ! Are those flowers already blooming in your garden ? The only flowers here so far are dafodils, crocus', hyacinths,closer to town the cherry blossoms are juuuuusssssssst starting to happen. Ohhh I almost forgot....my tulips are starting to open up today. ((HAPPY DANCE))

    I pray blessings on all your plans and may God continue to lead you. I have to tackle my PILES of stuff in our learning room to find out which books I want to for this years lessons.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

    In Him<><


  6. Your blog looks pretty, and your flowers are gorgeous.

    Are your children ever growing up! Mind you, so are ours. DS just turned 15!

    It's very hard juggling work and school. Our dd is not successful at it at all, and I'm not sure what to do about that. My husband says she already knows more than most grads, and she's only in grade 11, so I'll try to relax while still requiring that she does more schoolwork.

    Annie Kate

  7. Setting up the highschool years to allow for a job in the final two years is SUCH a great suggestion. I wish we had thought of it earlier.

    I'm all tuckered out from gardening this afternoon, and I know just how you felt. :)

    Annie Kate

  8. How is your daughter doing now? Better, I hope! Just checking in...

    Blessings and {{HUGS}},



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