The Garden God Planted

This year our garden was truely planted by the Lord. I weeded last years wildflower / sunflower and Zinna bed. Had good intentions of replanting and keeping up with the weeds. I dug deep to get rid of the weeds...so imagin my surprise to see zinnas, sunflowers and wildflowers coming up anyway. ( as well as the weeds of course). I never did get around to replanting or weeding again for that matter. What seems like disorder is truely beautiful. Only God can put together such beautiful colors. Enjoy the tour! All photos were taken by by 13yo daughter. ( except the one of her!)

There are treasures in there! ( I promise)

Treasure number one: My daughter!!!!

We did not get very many pure yellow sunflowers this year. This beauty is kissed with rust colors. The birds love the bounty of the sunflowers. I need to get up very early to capture them with the camera.

Giant Rust Colored Sunflower. This is an extra large beauty...over 8ft tall!!!

A nearly black giant sunflower. The stems of this variety are spotted deep purple.

Beautiful bi colored Blackeyed Susans. You can see a normal black eyed in the lower right hand corner. These are large and very showy.

Zinnias. This year they came back bigger ( huge!) and in every color of the rainbow. They were stunning. We were surprised to find this yellow beauty. Did not have yellows last year. Ants are harvesting. Can you see them?

Love Pink and Orange and Yellow together.

My Favorite!!! Lovely Pink and Green composition.

Ants Harvesting necture off of the Queen Annes Lace. Its cool to watch them.

More Beautiful Critters. We keep a water dish with pebbles and mud in it in the garden for the butterflies. Of course the birds like it too.


  1. How lovely and so special that they just appeared for you! Thank you for your kind words of sympathy. Lots of tears, but we will get through this time.

  2. It's all very lovely. I love the rust colored sunflower.


  3. Oh, what a beautiful walk through your flower garden, Tina - thank you for sharing it with us. And thank your DD for her marvelous photography skills. :)

    Be blessed today!

  4. Beautiful! Nice to see you back to blogging!

    We are w/o a home computer right now, so I'm not getting much done online. I will be so glad when I can get back to blogging and get some things done on ebay.

    Got some bargains this week too! Wanted to share on weekly wrap up, but it will have to wait.

  5. Glad to see you're blog is back on track! Missed being here!

    I love the zinnias! I think they are beautiful flowers, and how lovely that you have a rainbow of them! You are right, only God can do colors just right!

    Your daughter looks so pretty in that photo :-)

    PS: Although my HSB blog is still up and standing, I have a new home:
    http://www.illinoislori.blogspot.com . Hope you'll stop by!

  6. Hey we don't have this gorgeous stuff out here in the desert wilderness. Can't image why you miss it! :o) Nice photos. I'm jealous.

  7. Awe I miss it soooo much!!!! I had a beautiful veggie garden in the desert. My husband hooked up a homemade drip system on a timer. We watered at night. We grew our garden in raised beds made from timbers we got out of the old mines. Used horse poo ect from a nearby farm. Things grow so well in the desert and so big! We had few pest and not mold and mildew. As for flowers I enjoyed the wildflower blooms when they happened. I was part of a group of folks that helped identify catcus varieties as well. And I miss the colors of the desert very much. Enough about the past!!!! Things do grow well here too. I am thankful my little garden attracts birds, butterflies and other critters to watch.

  8. Hi Stacy! Yes I am slowly getting back into blogging. Hope your back on line soon!!!!

  9. Sharity, Years ago I grew all the different varietys of sunflowers from seed that I bought. They come is so many colors. I planted only two varieties ( Mammoth, and Lemon) last year and this is what showed up this year without replanting. I am so amazed at the color variety. I think maybe the birds transfered seed from my neighbors garden and vise versa. It is very joyful to sit and watch the butterflies and birds enjoy the bounty.

  10. Shani, I have indeed enjoyed watching dd become a very good photographer this summer. She likes detail.

  11. These photos are just lovely! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. What a wonderful gift from God, such an unexpected garden.

    I love the pictures--so many colors!


    Annie Kate

  13. [...]  “The Garden God Planted,” with gorgeous pictures by Tina’s daughter.  We love our gardens that we work hard in, but seeing God just give something so beautiful to a friend brings tears to my eyes. [...]


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