Summer Activities

This summer has been very different for our family. Dear daughter 1 has been away since June working at a summer camp. This has been and still is a huge adjustment! We miss her so. Dear son is not home much. He works full time and is busy with his band and other activities. ( that will be in another post!) So that leaves dear daughter two and hubby and I. Its quiet. There have been many one on one times with dear daughter: the movies ( dollar days!!!) thirft stores, book sales, walks, window shopping, and even ice cream for breakfast. She has done wonderful with her summer learning ( we don't plan it at this age and stage, we just leave room for stuff to happen) .

She has read over 25 books so far this summer. Here is a stack of her favorites. She loves classics and poetry. She will not have to read any books during the school year unless she chooses to. Though I dought I will keep her nose out of a book. Often during the school year I have to forbid reading untill all school work is done. So glad for the library sales!!!! She finds many old treasures there.

She has learned the art of oragami quite well! We have had the book and paper for a long time. She just needed time to play and learn. Makes we want to rethink the school year. More time for delight learning is needed even at her age.

Frogs and a box.

Many Animals

Beautiful flowers. These are amazing.

And my favorite? This thrifty find. ( $ 9.99) She is still collecting dresses. This is now her favorite. Such a beautiful young lady!

And one project which must be done by the end of July....

The colors you see were the gals favorite colors 8 years ago!!!! Pink and purple. They shared a room untill their older brother moved out last year. So DD 1 wants to paint the room ( and rightfully so!) I promised her we would prime the room and have it all ready for her to paint. You see each of those flowers is hand painted with craft acrylic and they need to be painted with kilz. Then because of the purple/pink we must prime the room. The plan was to sand the flowers as they are slightly raised. However we have learned recently that our home contains high levels of lead (I will leave that for a future post on our saga of home repairs). So no sanding what so ever. DD2 got all the flowers with Kilz this weekend and will be priming this week. ( I am allergic to kilz and can't even be in the room when its being used) Stay turned for the new look!

It has been a wonderful summer of discovery. Although missing my dear daughter has been so difficult, spending time with the other has been most wonderful.


  1. What amazing origami! Your daughter is using her time well.

    You're right, there has to be time for delight-directed learning in the school year as well, and I'm having a hard time making space for that.

    I'm glad you're blogging again. I hope the break was refreshing.

    Annie Kate

  2. I linked to you today. Somehow it posted twice. Since we are still w/o a computer at home, I can't fix it.

  3. Good Morning, my friend! Sorry you didn't have anyone to chat with last night - oh, that happens to me more than I would like. :P

    She looks absolutely beautiful in her gown! I can see why it's her favorite. :)

    My boys have been enjoying some unplanned down-time as well; and you're right - makes me rethink some things, that's for certain. I think we may head back to just a few things this week - they've been keeping up with their Bible reading/journaling every day, but I think maybe adding math would be a good thing. They read copiously on their own, as your daughter does, so that's not an issue here, either. Aren't we blessed!

    Have a lovely day, Tina, and a wonderful start to a fresh new week!

  4. Oh what neat things going on in your home ! I can't wait to see the new look and what a head start on school too. [0= Does your dd get places to wear her dress collection ? I don't know when I would ever have a place to wear a fancy dress. [0= It will be nice to have your dd back soon.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))


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