Awesome Vacation!!!! Day One

I was blessed by the best sister in the world with the gift of a plane ticket and an all expense paid 9 day visit with her. This is so special because this is only my sister and I second in person meeting. We were both adopted and did not know of eachother untill 2005. So this time together was very special and cherished.
Here are some photos from our time together.
This post is about Day One. Day One was spent in the air, in the car, eating out, and by a lovely campfire on the Mississippi River.
I was blessed to have a long layover so I could visit with another sister and step mom. I have not seen them since 2004.
This is my sister and her dear dog Bogee. Bojee is 14 years old.
We did this almost everynight. Being from down south I was cold and sure enjoyed the campfire.
While sitting at the campfire we had this lovely view of the Mississippi. I never tired of gazing at this.
This is Jake ( dog ). He belongs to my sisters parents. Here he is sharing corn on the cob with his "mom".

And here is Jake beside his "Dad".


  1. Hi, Tina Dearest!

    What a blessing to have that trip and such a long visit! I'm so glad you were able to do that. And how neat that you and your sister found one another...it sounds like you two have a wonderful relationship and are making up for lost time :-)

    Good to hear from you, and glad you're back safe!

    Love and {{{HUGS}}},

  2. Hi Tina!!!

    I'm so glad to hear that you're home safe and sound and that you had a *fantastic* time! How wonderful that you got to spend so much time with your sisters and step-mom; what memories you must have. ((hugs))

    Beautiful scenery and fun photos - I look forward to reading about more!!


  3. What a wonderful trip you had ! I am so glad you were very blessed by your time you had with your sister. And I pray blessings on your easing into your lessons. We are going to start easing into things on Tuesday. It hasn't been the same without you around in bloggyland. Hope to see you around more soon. I have been crazy busy trying to get what I need done. I am in a craft fair in a week from Sunday. I look forward to resting. Well, hope to rest after. It won't be long before it is time for the wedding.

    Sending you HUGE blessings and ((HUGS))
    In Him<><

  4. Awesome!!! That is amazing trip and memories!!!


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