First Day of School

Day one is done! Today we had orientation to our classes. This means we discuss what the overall plan for the year is, go over lessons for each class and daily expectations. We also do something fun. Today we did "Dancing Spaghetti" chemistry experiment. It was fun! You can do it too. http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/content/experiment/dancing-raisins-the-bubble-lifter
Next week the gals have orientation for their enrichment classes. Looking forward to it!
Hope you all are having a wonderful first day of September.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful, productive year with your schooling.

    We are sure looking forward to getting some cooler temps. Last week, when they dropped for a few days, dd headed outside to do her schoolwork. It's been such a long, hot, dry summer that she's rarely been outside.

  2. Happy first day of school! It sounds like you had a lovely one. I wish you a blessed year.


    Annie Kate

  3. Happy Labor Day! And of course, I'm.....laboring....in the ER. At least I had the weekend off. :-) I got a lot accomplished too, including some nap time. Gotta love that!


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