How Did Life Get So Busy!?

Most of my bloggy friends have noticed I have been missing in action. I am happy to say that all is amazing and wonderful. We are getting use to a new school, work, life schedule. So here is a photo journal of a few of the things going on in our life. ( click on the photos to enlarge )

Josh 19, Naomi 16 and Emily 14. I guess this is our offical school photo this year.

Awe the burn barrel...still stealing a bit of summer with time around the fire.

This late bloomer was a hidden beauty. We found it in the woodpile. So pretty.

Cats always rule!!!! That is squeeky dominating the dogs bed.

Bookends as always. Behr and Squeeky the twins.

Chemistry...the hands on part. After much studying, more studying, prayer and lots of prayer I have decided to leave Chemistry to the experts. I simply cannot do the math required for chemistry. Sad but true. I love love love all the experiments and hands on stuff. So will do that anyway.

My kids do "school" in many places.

We love going to antique stores. So what are gals to do when they happen upon a room full of vintage clothing and mirrors???? Play of course!


  1. Love the cat pictures! My daughter does school everywhere too -- the house, the car, my job - wherever we happen to go!



  2. Re: your comment on my blog -

    As you list everything you've accomplished this month - I'm thinking I need to do more! LOL I need to reorganize my pantry too, as well as the bookshelves!


  3. You've been busy for sure! I love your green header, so soothing. And the autumn background is beautiful too.

    How are you leaving chemistry to the experts? Are you doing Apologia? They have an answering service, and if the kids have finished Algebra 1 they should be able to do that book with the help service...but it is quite mathematical as you said.

    How to Read a Book was written by Adler and Van Doren. I highly recommend it. So do Ambleside Online and Susan Wise Bauer.

    Enjoy your burn barrel this fall!

    Annie Kate

  4. Hi my friend!

    We're getting used to a new schedule as well. I love the dog sweetly giving up his/her bed for the cat LOL!!! We had dog and cat combos growing up, and the cats always ruled!

    So, how did you choose to do chemistry? Who are your experts? I gave up at that point, too, and did Apologia Academy. Nathan's doing Apol. Acad. for phyics now this year, there's NO WAY I wanted to tackle that one!

    Gotta run, off to the college!

  5. It is sooooooooooo good to catch up a bit with you ! I didn't know you had posted this. I am glad you all are doing so well. Is there any chance you will come back to HSB ? I hear they are getting closer to getting a template that we can play and customise.

    Sending you HUGE blessings and ((HUGS)) !

    In Him<><


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