Summer is behind Us!

Oh how I miss summer already!!!
We are back into the rythem of school and thinking ahead to the holidays. Spent the holiday weekend cleaning, organizing and relaxing. Now on to a full schedule. You can view photos of my trip to Minnesota at the top of my blog. ( I cannot seem to get a slide show to work in a post...help anyone?)The trip to Minnesota was the highlight of my summer. Precious time with family and many forever memories.
Here are some some photos of the last few weeks of our summer.

Birthdays! Dear daughter got her much needed new computer. ( its a kit so she got to learn how to put one together)

And I was blessed with the most awesome shoes ever for my birthday. The new fitness shoes that help you to tone up as you walk. http://www.shoeaholicsanonymous.com/our-shoes/kims-shoes/shoe-review-champion-pace-fitness/ These are amazing! I have logged many miles on them already and can honestly say that they have relieved my back pain! I can walk longer and steadier. Its amazing.

Bonfires and friends. We did several of these and will continue this into the fall. Whats not to love about a fire, good friends, marshmellows and someone playing the guitar?

Time to create. Dear daughter put together this 400 piece oragami panda bear! Its totally amazing.

The first week of school! I am loving Chemistry! Honestly. I am actually understanding for the first time in my life and enjoying the journey with the kids. Our first week was a series of experiments to show the difference between a chemical reaction and a physical reaction. This week we are creating atoms.( photos will be in next weeks post)


  1. Hi Tina! PTL that your back is getting better! Back pain is the worst...

    We've been gone this holiday weekend, staying w/friends who needed some help on their family farm, the boys were replacing fencing. Our first night there, shortly after we arrived at 7pm, we had a bonfire and some singing...so much fun! You are right, everyone loves it!

    Chemistry...hmmmm, we used different curriculum than yours, apparantly! That goo is why we don't teach this class to 5 year olds, right??!!!


  2. Oh yes, to put your slideshow in your post here...I'm glad you have photobucket, cuz that's how I do mine, LOL!

    OK, at PB go to your slideshow and look at all the code options given for "share this slideshow." The one you want is in the middle, it's the "html Code" that starts with "< div style" (there would not be a space between the < and div, but I had to or else it wouldn't allow my comment to post). Copy that code, then go to your blogger post and open it up to edit the post. I assume you're familiar with the coding, but I'll give you both ways to put it in.

    If you're not too familiar with how the html code in your post reads, stay in "Compose" mode. I would go to where you want to insert your slideshow, put your cursor there, and type xxxxx in that spot. Then, switch to the "html mode", scroll down to find the x's, highlight them, and then replace those x's with your code from photobucket.

    If you are familiar w/the coding (which I'm sure you are), skip the "xxxxx" and the "Compose" mode and work in html mode from the get-go. Just go find the spot where you want to insert your slideshow and then paste the code right in. If it's too close to something above or below it, add
    on a line above the slideshow code or on a line below it to provide a break.

    Hope this works for you, I look forward to seeing that slide show in the post! (I wondered what it was doing up top, now I know it's your trip to MN! Great pics, btw!)

    Love and {{{HUGS}}},

  3. Wow it looks like you all are having a lot of fun ! I have one more week of bussiness and then hopefully slow down a bit till the wedding time. We just decided today that I won't do the Christmas craft fair. It is too much being so close to the wedding, 20th anniversary, and schooling. Plus it is the same day as my hubby's birthday.

    I would love to see a close up of your dd's panda bear ! [0=

    Sending you blessings and ((HUGS))
    In Him<><

  4. How awesome!!! Love that dd received a computer...and had to put it together....learning once again, love it!! Also glad your shoes are working out, always a blessing. And I could not agree more...fire, friends, ahhhh nothing better. Chemistry is one of my favorites...yes I am a science geek at heart.
    Oh and that Panda is amazing!!

  5. Your chemistry looks like so much fun! What are you using?

    Thanks for the information on the shoes. I am going to start looking for that great pair that my feet will appreciate for my fall walks.

  6. DD has been studying about atoms this week too. We'll have to stop by and see your pictures once you get them posted.

    I just posted about a neat blessing dd got this weekend. It's at the bottom of my Sunday post.


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