Gods beautiful art.

This was taken at night from an upstairs window.

Abby staying warm. She has hair not fur ( yep there is a difference) and tends to be very cold. So as I was taking the towels out of the dryer she was making herself warm.

Behr was batting at the snow flakes. He also chattered at them.


  1. Beautiful! We have snow coming on Tuesday and I am really looking forward to the white blessing.

  2. Hi, Tina! Thanks for visiting my blog today. I love your photo of the icicles--so pretty! Yes, our friends' dog is a Boston, Sweet Pea. I'm editing an impromptu photo shoot of her from the other day. Thanks for your compliments about my photography--they mean so much to me!!


  3. What sweet photos. I've heard of dogs that have hair, not fur, but not cats. What kind of cat is that? Just wondering. :)


  4. What beautiful photos! That snow is a real Christmas treat! We only have a little bit, but snow is not as special here. In fact, I'm looking forward to some rain and to airing out the house...

    Happy new year!

    Annie Kate

    PS Your new clean look loads much more quickly.

  5. Hi Tina! (THought I'd start with a cheery greeting before I say GRRRRR...I hate it when I write a long comment and then the system loses it! GRRRRR! That seldom happens on blogger, but today all the blogger comments are being really fussy for me, not sure why).

    OK, here we go again!

    I love love love your photos of the snow and ice! That's a LOT of snow! Don't you love it when you have teenager kids who can get their snow-clothes on by themselves (remember getting grade schoolers and toddlers suited up for snow play?), entertain themselves out in the snow, and shovel it off the driveway, too? *grin*

    We had lots of lovely snow, but today was warm and it's largely melted away. tomorrow maybe rain, and that would kill the rest of it...boo-hoo! Oh well.

    I love your new look...you've been doing lots of changing and experimenting here this season, it's been fun to see it! Very pretty colors :-)

    Enjoy all that snow, it's so lovely!
    Wishing you a Happy and Blessed New Year!
    {{{HUGS}}} (Now to highlight and COPY this one, just in case it goes fritzy on me again, LOL!)

  6. OK, now here's the part I forgot...
    I want to know about this "hair cat" too! I've never heard of such a creature! Dogs, yes...but not cats. I'm allergic to kitties now (never used to be, until Tigger...she got all of us allergic, but what a darling kitty!); my dog doesn't bother me, but I can't hang out with cats anymore. :-( So, do tell about the hair cat!

  7. Love the pics of the kitties! I didn't know that some cats have fur and some have hair. What makes the difference, and how can you tell?


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