Farm Girl Friday with Lori


I attempted to make candy just like my mom and grandma. Hours was spent preparing to make candy. Ingredients measured. Containers prepared. Candy making was a big deal. Our family made all kinds of hard candies and homemade cough drops. They did not use a candy thermometer. Did the drop test instead. And I had one job and one job only...to stir, stir, and stir. I never did learn how to do the drop test...cause honestly I was tired of stirring and as soon as my job was done I left the scene.
So here is my first attempt...although it looks like a fail because its not hard or set it indeed taste yummy. The fun part was I did this with my 19 year old son. We had a blast. My husband loves the candy. It taste like Werthers carmels. My second attempt will be with a thermometer! Hubby bought one so we could try again.
So whats this have to do with being a farm gal? Well we put candy up ( as mom would say) just like we put up ( canned) fruit, veggies, jams, jellies and meat. It was part of growing up on a farm and not being able to run to the store when you had a craving for something sweet or needed a cough drop. The cough drops were horehound. Horehound grew wild on the farm. We also made mint and cherry drops. These were wrapped in wax paper and stored in jars.

Rolled into a snake and cut to wrap in wax paper.

See how it is not firm?
Here it is all wrapped and ready to enjoy. We keep it in the fridg.


  1. Hi Tina! So glad you joined in today! The folks who "interpret" the house and domestic life of the 1890's at Kline Creek Farm make hard candy each year at Christmas...it is so beautiful! Red, orange, yellow, green, and horehound-brown! I think yours looks scrumptious, even if it's a little soft :-) Most fun is that you and your ds did it together, and your dh got in on it with getting a thermometer for "next time." That's how you know it's a hit...they want a next time!


  2. Be careful when you use the thermometer. My mom burned a batch of fudge that way. She now swears by the drop method. If I remember correctly, all you do is drop a little in a glass of cold water and if it is a ball(hard or soft) then it is done? Is that right?

  3. Ohhh YUMMY ! I still need to make my Grandma's fudge that tastes like Werther's too. *grin* That is so neat you all are doing this together and yes the flops are just as good b/c they still taste sooooooo GOOD. *grin* I hope to later today catch up on your blog.

    Sending you HUGE blessings and ((HUGS))
    In Him<><

  4. Sounds and looks so yummy. I hope the next time it gets hard for you. Now I want to go get some Werther's candy. :)



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