Pictures Express So Much!

Our dog had a birthday this week. He is nine.

My faithful coffeepot broke this week. A dear friend loaned me hers. Then DH bought a new one for Valentines Day! Its a dream!

My favorite place to be first thing in the morning. Its where I study and enjoy a few quiet moments.

My favorite teas, cup, and scents. ( pumpkin)

Yo Yos...its the craft at the moment. I have lots of fabric and plan to make a coverlet.

Yo yos in a pattern... not the one I plan to use but a favorite. I will be putting some of the yo yos together soon and show my pattern.
Squeeky playing "You can't see me"
Fudgy protecting her birds.
Fancy Rose waiting for her boy to come home. He flew to his gal friends to surprise her for valentines day.
This is a common sight in our home...a sick child. Its been a long winter. Not much school was done again this week. Spring hurry up and get here!

And with a long winter comes clutter. Today I could stand it no longer and decluttered my kitchen. Six very full trash bags later and much reorganizing has brought order!

My helper. I would not have finished if she had not come along to help.

Above is the shelves above the stove. So much cleaner now! And there is empty space! Oh that is beautiful.

Above is out of order..see all the clutter? Its out of control. There is stuff everywhere.

Above is before. Below After. This is a never ending sorta useless corner shelf. Stuff gets lost in it. I tossed a lot of stuff. The spices on the left were all above the stove. Thats fine if you are tall...but most of us in this house are short!
Awe...the glass shelves..(below). When we moved into our home the kids were small. I put the cups and bowls where they could reach them. They have long since grown up.

All glasses are now here... ( below)

And the corner cupboard houses cereal and vases. I have a large vase collection which was cluttering the top of the fridg.
The bowls and coffee cups are now neatly organized.

Oh and this aweful space...a bit of everything I am afraid. See above for transformation...

I now feel I can tackle the safari room ( what we call our garage/pantry/storage space) The urge to purdge is here!


  1. Wow! I know it feels so great to get your kitchen decluttered. We are sick of sickness around here too. Bring on Spring!!

  2. Looks like you've been busy and productive. Sorry to hear your family has been sick, hope all are feeling better soon. Your yo-yo's are neat, looking forward to seeing your design. Have a great day! Heather

  3. Great photos. And organizing always makes me feel good. :)


  4. Happy Sunday and loved seeing all the photos of organization! I hope that you are all feeling better.

    Love the blog design.

  5. I need to get some organizing done soon, too!


  6. Wow! What a lot of organizing! It looks so crisp and clean now.

    Now I finally know what your yo yos are. They are lovely. What an incredible amount of work you've already done!

    I love your morning spot. It seems so inviting.

    Have a great and healthy week!

    Annie Kate

  7. Hello Tina. :-) Love all the pictures of your pets! Are your birds tame? Ours used to like to fly around the house and then land on us. They were fun. Getting your kitchen in order is awesome. I really need to work on my homeschool shelves. I hope your school can get back on track soon. Sickness has hit us all hard this winter for some reason. Blessings to you!

  8. Hi Tina~

    You are doing fabulous in purging your home!!! I must admit that we stalled in the unpacking last fall, but that has served to give us very little to purge - out of the house, that is, lol. Let's not talk about the garage. *sigh*

    I can't wait to see what your yo-yo's are going to become. They look so cheery sitting there, they'll be fabulous, whatever you make! :)

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Shani xxx

  9. Okay girl....now I need to fly you up here and help me with my clutter! I need a non biased person to help purge. *grin* It looks wonderful and I pray you enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))
    In Him<><

  10. I love to organize and get rid of clutter. Looks like you did a wonderful job. Spring cleaning (Or any season) always makes me happy.
    Sorry for the sickness with the kiddos....we had our go of that as well. I was so happy to finally have warmer temps this week. Makes us all feel better.

  11. Oh and the yo yos are LOVELY!!! They are beautiful!!!!


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