First Week of Summer

This week has been one celebration after another. ( graduations, birthdays, holiday, ) And the scales show that my intuitive eating is not in control. But not knocking myself. Who can resist bbq, and amazing desserts. ( seriously arn't chocolate covered strawberries healthy?! I know...all in moderation) I think its the potlucks that get me the most. So its back on the wagon this week and hopefully I can lose the nearly 4lbs I have gained, regain my energy ( from eating all the wrong foods) and find time to step up the exercise.
The girls have finished the last of their sign language and are offically finished with 9th and 11th grades. We will be doing math over the summer. I find that doing just the math and putting lots of concentration on one subject is quite fruitful. I see that they are learning much more.

We have added more flowers to the shade garden and despite the triple digit temptures the rose garden is doing fabulous. ( as are the weeds!) Hopefully the gals will get their veggie garden done this weekend.

We have had contractors on the roof all week. Its a tin roof. They are scraping and repairing and painting it. They start at 530 am!

The last storm took out our AC / Heat unit. Thankful the insurance will be covering it. Meanwhile we have the hottest June on record in may years, its dripping with humidity. We have put some window units in and lots of fans.

I am currently making aprons for the gals in my Apples of Gold class. Making them out of men's shirts and  old skirts. I will try to post some photos. Hoping to get them all done this weekend.

Speaking of photos...seems we ran out of room on one drive. Think it is all straight now. But it made me think about how safe the pictures that we hold so dear are? We do back them up. There is just no way I could put all those photos onto paper at this stage or ever get them all into a book. We truly live in a digital age.

We did not go anywhere or do anything spectacular. ( just clebrations) but we did have a relaxing week and did our best to stay cool.
Although the rose is burnt on the tips the plant did not wilt and continues to put on new buds. I have a soaking system that seems to be working well.


  1. Oh I just love getting updates on how you are doing. ((hugs)) I am REALLY looking forward to seeing your aprons. I still need to cut and sew mine but it has been put on hold for a bit with getting the garden in. [o=

    Blessings and ((HUGS))!

  2. Sounds like a great way to start the summer. Glad things are going well for you. :)


  3. Yay for finishing school! I agree...just doing one subject (math, usually) over the summer is the best way to go. If my boys didn't do math, we'd be spending the first 4 to 6 weeks of the next school year reviewing...total waste of time!

    Can't wait to see the aprons...and I am PRAYING that your AC is fixed soon! It is so hot here, too...supposed to be triple digit heat indexes tomorrow. Bryan will be working at Kline Creek Farm all week (it's his f.t. summer internship/job); I'd worry for him, but we've all been out there in that kind of heat many times, and he knows how to handle it and pace himself...and drink LOTS of Gatorade!

    Great to catch up here and with you! {{{HUGS}}}


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