School is Out!

I am still trying to figure out just where this school year went to! It is gone! This past few weeks have been busy with spring programs, graduations and celebrations.
Our summer has begun. Time to sleep a little later, enjoy some leisure, craft, garden, and so much more. I hear the sound of legos in the other room. A joyful noise. They were rediscovered recently  ( my kids are all older but we still play with Legos.) We are in the process of planning "free" staycations. This is anything from free movies to park trips.
Our shade garden is a delightful place to spend outdoors. It has taken about six years for it to mature and be shady.

 Canopy in the shade garden.

Bird bath
 Lovely Queen Annes Lace

Can you feel the cool shade!?

 The above metal work is one of two in the garden. The girls also made a delightful bird feed ( painted it to match the house!), and a bird bath.
 This old bike is now in the shade garden. It will be the source of another post!
 These lovely flowers have been moved to the shade garden so we can enjoy them more. Gift from my husband!
 These adorable sisters have nothing to do with gardening. They are just cute!
For mothers day this year I recieved 5 rose bushes! The rose garden is now a reality and very very pretty. These bushes will be about 4 ft tall by 3 foot wide and provide a profusion of blooms till frost.
While I would love to promise that I will blog more now that school is out....I won't! That is a promise I cannot keep. But I will keep reading and commenting.


  1. Happy Summer! I hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. Congrats on wrapping up your school year. We will be done tomorrow! Enjoy your summer and relaxing in your shade garden with a cool glass of lemonade or iced tea. :-)

  3. Your shade garden sounds and looks sooooooooo refreshing and beautiful. I do look forward to hearing about the bike. You have got my curiosity up, lol. And also congrats on finishing your school year. I know you have put sooooo much into it.

    Miss you ! (((((((((HUGS))))))))))

  4. Hooray! The school year went quickly here too. We started summer school today. Nothing major, just trying to keep up with our math. Otherwise it is too hard in August. Have a great start to your summer!

  5. We are done with school too, doesn't that always feel good. The pictures are lovely. I hope you have a great summer. :)


  6. Your garden is lovely! I love Queen Ann's Lace, too. It's hot and humid here, so the shade garden was so nice to look at!



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