Fresh Paint and Pretty Flowers

 It has been a whirlwind week of hard work by some very dedicated kids and their leaders. It reminded me of an very organized bee hive. These kids worked so hard and did it with joy! Our front porch got a face lift with paint and flowers. Beautiful flowers. I have raised flower beds all around the front and side border of my home with Gardenia, Azaleas, Hydrangea, and Vincas. My fledgling Rose Garden got a make over as well. The Jasmin got its much needed trellis. Every hole in the yard has been filled. ( I do not know why so many holes...just settling etc I guess), Areas leveled and all brush and old tired ground cover removed. It looks clean and fresh! The back porch rail and door have a fresh coat of paint. Nearly four cords of wood were split and stacked. Inside the fireplace was fixed, the kids bathroom floor repaired and new vinyl put down, the half bath got new vinyl as well. Structurally an old rotting beam was cut out, house jacked up and a new beam put in its place. My girls worked hard on relocating plants we wanted to keep and reorganizing the shade garden. It looks fabulous. We still have some areas to work on in the yard but it is now manageable.
Promise to post photos as soon as a camera is available. Ours is in need of repair and we use our sons when we can.
Our oldest son and his wife visited again this week. ( joyful blessings!) And our second oldest spent his evenings this week using his musical talent to reach highschoolers at a summer camp. We went to the camp on Friday to enjoy the praise and worship. Nothing like being in a 100 plus year old barn ( Quaker made), singing and praising the Lord.
I was blessed to pick up another home cleaning job this week. Looking forward to this job!
I have plans to get all my homeschool lesson plans started this coming week. I really want to have this done by August. I have been constructing a blog just for school...not sure yet if this is going to work for me.
Speaking of blogging I am limiting my time on the computer and only blog about once a week. I do visit a few each day but truly staying off most of the time. Summer is so short and Ive so much to accomplish!
Our Apples of Gold study is wrapping up this week. I highly recommend this study. I have had a great time learning the art of mentoring.

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