This Week

Around Our House
Lot of hot humid weather this week. ( it is summer after all!) Along with the hot and humid comes beautiful thunder and lightening shows. Love them!
We have been cleaning and preparing for our company today. One thing about having the AC ( whole house) working again is all the dust that comes with it. Lots of dust and pet hair. Wish there was a magic wand for that!
We have another wedding this weekend to attend. ( 2 of the 4 this summer)So many of my children's friends are getting married! I feel older this year.
In the Kitchen
Lots of cooking going on. I love that summer gives us more time to be creative and try out new things. Today we are doing BBQ Ribs, Cornbread, berry salad, and yummy desserts for our guest ( guest are bringing the side dishes).
In the School Room
Nothing...at least the teacher is doing nothing. Honestly I am so not motivated to get to these lesson plans and summer is 2/3 gone. Perhaps its the fact that this is dd 17 last year of homeschool and I want to put it off as long as possible! I don't know. But I know I need to get to it.
The gals have been doing three math lessons a week to keep the spark going. They are doing so well. I am glad we decided to do this. DD 17 finished her driver training ( class room ) last night. No more 4 nights a week out of the house! Happy Dance.
I am honestly looking forward to fall. I long for my schedule once again. The calm that comes with the change of season and all.
I Am Reading:
Just the Bible. I am nearly done with the Old Testament. Just working my way through one day at a time.
Academical speaking I am rereading Earth Science Text book. Refreshing my memory so I can teach better this fall. Also thinking about ( notice I said thinking about) picking up one of the two Shakespeare books the gals will be reading this year. Need to refresh that too ( high school was sooooo long ago!)
Things I am Working On:
Several small projects. Finishing trim ( painting ) in our bathroom. Organizing my closet. Way too many things going on in this closet! Need to get all the non mom and dad stuff out of it so I have room for our clothes. Updating pictures ( of family) that are all around the house. Adding recipes to our family recipe book. Framing dd art work.
In the Garden
I feel so blessed to have a beautiful rose garden this year. Most of the plants have tripled in size and are ablaze with blooms. The gals shade garden is doing wonderful. However we have pesky squirrel who keeps digging up their plants. I assume he is storing food for the winter. This photo was in June. I really need to get an updated photo.

I am Grateful For:
Our dear dog who is healing up fine and doing so much better. We spent all last week nursing him and tending to him. He has a nasty abscess and infection. It has been an ongoing problem with a specific joint and we are just not ready to let him go.  Lots of love, LOTs of prayer, wound care and thankfully medication have turned him back into a peppy dog at least for this moment. And we are thankful! Just today he took his first full lap ( in over a week) around our large yard with his favorite toy in his mouth. He smelled everything and took time to enjoy life.


  1. What a great week for you! And what a beautiful Lab. I used to have a black lab.. she was totally blind from a pup. They are great dogs. Yes, dust and pet hair are taking over here too. I just don't put on my glasses! It goes away like magic. :-)

  2. Wow you have been busy!

    Oh my, those brownie waffles! I have to keep whispering to myself, "I'm on diet! I'm on a diet!"

    Have a blessed weekend, Tamara
    ...moving to AllofaKindFamily.com

  3. Sounds like you are enjoying your summer. I understand about looking forward to fall and getting back into a routine. I'm looking forward to that as well. I have all my books for next year, can't believe the summer break is coming to a close. Enjoy your company and have a great weekend. :-)

  4. Yep I remember those nights of running our for Sarah's driving class. It's funny though, she's driving now, actually heading out to the library right now, seems so normal now. :)



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