New Member to the Family

We use to raise Rats. We love them! Then we sota took a long break from rodents. The rabbits grew old and died. The rats did the same and the kids were into different things. Well we are rat parents once more. Both ds 20 and dd 15 have aquired rodent fur babies.
This one is Ronan dd fur babie. He is a curly and so very sweet and loving.
 And here Ronan is socializing with Ace. ( not a good photo of Ace) Ace is very anti sharing and not willing to share his coconut shell! But to give Ace credit he was not hand raised and Ronan was. Time will mellow this soon to be big boy. ( he is gonna be huge)


  1. Oh my! How fun. And your kitties get mental stimulation, too. :-)

  2. Hmm...I'm not a rodent person...haha!

    They are cute to watch.

  3. Cute! DD got a hamster several years ago. I didn't want one, but I fell in love with her. She was so pretty, and had such personality. I remember on cool mornings, while dd would be doing school, she's be curled up in the crook on my arm, taking a nap. So cute and so sweet!


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