Review of Our Week: Week 2 of School

We are getting fall weather! Cooler evenings, wind and rain. This does not deter from beautiful sunsets on the river. We try to go to the river weekly to investigate the shore line and look for anything new to study. 

 This week we had a bonfire and invited lots of people. So much fun. Hotdogs with all the fixings.
 Smores and more.
 Silly games...This is Chubby Bunny.
 Serious games.
 Time to worship. This is always my favorite time. To know my kids choose to sing worship songs and that all their friends join in. Such a blessing.
 In the kitchen this week we stuck to our diet and tried hard to eat healthy. Putting the food in smaller bowls and having it prepared and ready to eat helped us not to grab processed stuff. This makes such a difference in my eating habits. Sticking to portion sizes is easier with the correct tools at hand. We now have measuring cups close to the fridg and table for that purpose.
 Homemade bread is so much better for you. I know wheat is even better. We just love the white! Its still lower in calorie and fat content than store bought bread.

We made more No Knead bread however one of the loaves turned out flat...no worries! We made yummy pizza bread out of it. These tasty wedges were also lower in calorie and fat than store bought pizza bites ( store bought were also much smaller serving sizes) This taste amazing, was filling, and easy to make.

On the thrifty side we went thrift store shopping and to the library sale. Got some great books!!!!!! One of my favorite finds was 2 old sewing books from the 70s. These how to books are chalk full of good sewing tips and directions. Found a lovely 80 year old bible. And an awesome Microwave Cook book. It is brimming with amazing recipes to try.Spiced Coffee,Tidewater Tea, Country Casserole,Old Fashioned Custard Pie, Elegant Hash Browns, just to name a few.

School is going fine. We have tweaked the schedule and lessons some. Found a little wiggle room. Overall we are off to a good start. The chore jar continues to work well for us. The educational videos for science...not so well. So much theory! Not a lot of fact. But it does give us lots to talk about.  What is really making a difference is me getting up early and preparing for the day. I need time to do my quiet time, time to pick up from the day before, plan for the day, and just be relaxed when the kids get up. I can focus on the kids better having done all my "chores" ahead of time.

I am reading Max Lucados  ( three in one book) In the Eye of the Storm, He Still Moves Stones, and Gentle Thunder. Working my way through the New Testament. Really enjoying reading and studying the Gospels side by side.

I am crafting yo yos. Some day I will have enough to make something amazing! It gives my hands something to do while watching tv.


  1. I think Chubby Bunny looks like a fun game, LOL! Yes, hearing kids choosing hymns and worship songs to sing brings a huge smile to our parent-hearts :-)

    One of our/my favorite science courses was classical astronomy. This differs from modern astronomy, with it's theories, need of huge telescopes, etc. Classical astronomy is simply learning to look at the sky with just your own two eyes, and know what's up there, and to understand the movement of the stars/planets that identify the months and seasons for us. It was totally fascinating! Even here in the Chicago burbs where light polllution DESTROYS THE NIGHT SKY so badly, we were able to enjoy doing this class. We used "Signs and Seasons" by Jay Ryan. It is a lab-based science class, just like biology or chemistry...just that the lab is your yard.

    Good job on the healthy eating! That pizza bread was a great idea, and looks so yummy, too! OK, that's it...I'm coming to live at your house.

    {{{HUGS}}} and Blessings,

  2. You always have such neat things going on in that sweet home of yours. Yo-yos, I always wanted to make a yo-yo table cloth I saw in a Victoria magazine once. The Lord is showing me some AMAZING things about health and I will be sharing soon. [o= I love it when the Lord answers in a way that I am seeing and hearing what he is teaching. I am getting it and am soooooooo excited!

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

  3. Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers. It's been a really rough end to summer but I am hopeful for some relaxing Fall days ahead.

    What a fun time...homemade bread, worship by firelight, and games (some of my favorites!)


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