This Week at Our House: Week 3 of School

We were creative this week in the kitchen. One could say it was the week of "rolls" of sorts. We started with Meat Rolls.  I like to have all the ingredence measured before I begin assembly ( or in this case letting the kids cook) Here ( below ) you see all the stuff for the bread portion of Meat Rolls. Just your basic yeast roll recipe. 

We used the bread maker to creat the dough. Then the dough is rolled out into a rectangle.

Filling is applied to the dough. This time it is sauage, hamburger and cheese. The meat is cooked, drained and cool before putting on top of the dough. Dough is rolled up like a jellyroll and the ends tucked in. Put on pan seam side up.

And put in the oven.

This is the finished product. A very filling and yummy meal.

We used the remaining sauage and hamburger from the above meal to make these lovely sauage balls. No photo of the finished product. But then there are no balls left to take a picture of! They are yummy. Super easy to make. 1/2 lb of sauage, 1/2 lb of hamburger, 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese, 3/4 cup self rising flour, 1 pkg ranch dip mix or liptons onion soup mix, one egg. Mix all ingredients very well. ( use your hands!) Shape into small balls ( about the size of a walnut ). Bake at 350 about 20 minutes. Turn half way through the cooking time.
The best "roll" of the week were the wonderful Cake Balls we made. We made them for our son's girl friends birthday. They are so simple and so good. Bake your favorite box cake according to directions. We used a Red Velvet mix. Let it cool completely.
Then crumble the cake into a large bowl. Add 1 can prepared frosting ( flavor to compliment your cake choice) Mix well. If you google Cake Balls you will find may choices for this portion. Some recipes even used coffee creamer.
Form into balls  ( I think ours were too big!) Place on wax paper. They dip better if you put them in the fridg or freezer for a while.

I used Almond Bark for dipping. Some recipes suggested candy melts.
I am sure with some practice we could make pretty little balls like the cake professionals do. But our big blobs were tasty!


Leftover chocolate dip was not a problem!

In our school this week: It was a busy week! Lots of learning going on. The girls did so well to keep up with school and life interruptions. My desk stayed messy ( this is a sign of a productive class...right?)

School is not all books...it has been raining all week. These lovely mushrooms sprouted over night. We stood in the rain with an umbrella to get this photo. Found this web site in hopes of figuring out what this mushroom is. http://www.mushroomexpert.com/   It may take us a while to identify this mushroom! I just love the little thing on top of it.
Our gals.

Our youngest is developing a site for modest vintage style clothing. This is verse for the site. She loves vintage style clothing. Most of her favorite clothes come from thrift finds. She is very creative with what she finds.

We have had so much rain that it has been hard to enjoy the rose garden. The rose bushes have become quite large and are still blooming nicely. Of course with all the rain comes lots and lots of weeds. I am sure they will be waiting for me when the rain finally stops.


  1. Your girls are beautiful. It looks like you've been busy in the kitchen and classroom. We've had a lot of rain this past week and it's drizzling today. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I am salivating reading your post,lol. I had never heard of cake balls. Hmmmm I see a project to do with the boys. Do you have to make it with store bought frosting or can you use homemade? I will have to do some google'ing . [o;

    I can't wait to see your dd's modest vintage site! And I LOVE, love, love the verse and the pic of the verse.

    Yes, rain is coming to us the week. They are saying rain for the whole week. I guess it will help me stay focused on what I need to get done. Ohhh I also loved seeing the pic of that mushroom. I am amazed at all the different looks of mushrooms. Our Lord is soooooooo creative in His expression of creation!

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  3. Yum! I could eat this post up. IT looks like you all had a wonderful week.

  4. Oh my goodness, I am so hungry now. I make sausage balls very similar to your recipe, just some changes. I like the cake bites, they look so yummy, I'll have to try them some time. :)

  5. Looks like it was a yummy week. I love your mushroom pic!

  6. Oh my! My mouth is watering and I'm hungry all of a sudden :)

    How fun to start a new website, too.

    A lovely week!

  7. Hi Tina! Those cake balls are the neatest things...makes me think of those expensive Swiss Colony confections, only this is much more affordable! I may just have to try this...

    That mushroom looks just like a tee'd-up golf ball, LOL!

    Looking forward to seeing the clothing site...lovely photo!

    Blessings, friend!

  8. Wonderful post! I think I need to make that meat roll. I bet it tastes awesome. :-)


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