This Week at Our House: Week 7 of School

This was a very long week. I had a very bad fibromyalgia flare up and spent a lot of time unable to do what needed to be done. Somehow made it through school and the necessary work. Slowly getting better.

Oldest dear daughter had three full days of work this week. She is being very diligent and getting her school work done over the weekend. Learning to work, get school done and still have a life is hard! She is doing awesome.

Here she is helping her friends put a purple strip in their hair ( was suppose to be pink for breast cancer awareness but the store was out of pink) 

 Our crystals are about done. They are still growing but have slowed down and are hard to keep at this point as any little bump causes the crystals to fall.

 Dear husband gave me these stunning mums. They just make you smile!
 The gals made fabulous cupcakes. I am sure other yummy meals were served this week but somehow its all fuzzy. I do not take any meds for my fibro and the fibro fog can be frustrating.
 Our monthly bonfire was a huge success with over 30 folks attending.  Such a blessing to have praise and worship around the fire.

Today ( Saturday) Dear Hubby and I went on a date. Visited our favorite thrift stores. No great deals but time spent together is most valuable.


  1. I have a neurological problem similar to fibro, so I know what it is like. Funny thing is that I had a bad week this week, too. Your crystals are so cool and pretty. The flowers are stunning. What a lucky lady! It is wonderful your daughter is so responsible! I hope your week coming up is much easier.

  2. Hi Tina! I'm so sorry you've had a tough FM week...praying for a full recovery, and soon, for you! Your daughter is doing a great job...that responsibility lesson is one of the MOST important ones they have to learn. Life takes work, and a LOT of it. But there is time for fun, as the bonfire proved! The transition into adulthood is exciting, but it's a big reality check for them, too. Give her a well-done-high-five from your bloggy-friend!

    {{{HUGS}}} and Blessings,

  3. I am sooooooo sorry you are not feeling well. ((HUGS)) I pray it is getting better.

    I love hearing about your week. I think I need to do some kind of weekly post again. I will try as I can. I like the week in pictures idea. [o=

    Those mums are stunning. You deserve it!

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC
    In Him<><

  4. So sorry you had a flare up like that. Love the pictures though and the worship at the bonfire sounds like such a blessing. :)

  5. I'm sorry your week has been so challenging, but love that you found so much joy and beauty in it in spite of those challenges. Looks like life is progressing wonderfully in your home - good for you! Love those mums - beautiful!!!!

    Hope you're having a better week~


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