This Week at Our House: Week Six of School

Would you believe we did not take any photos? Not one! Sometimes life is just that busy.
In the school room I am happy to announce that we have finished our first Shakespeare book and the gals are eager to get on to another. Yep I said eager. They have actually enjoyed the book! ( honestly they did not get this from their mother!)
In Science we are moving on from the Study of Rocks to Glaciers. However our crystals continue to grow. The daily changes are amazing. I promise a photo next week.
In History they compared Greek, Roman and American governments and lots other stuff.
Of course they studied their math, vocab, music, languages, and english. Getting it all done is sometimes a challenge. I am grateful that the gals are willing to sometimes do evening and weekend school. Oldest DD starts her part time job so this means lots of evening school as her job is in the daytime.
We attended the gals enrichment schools' Fall Festival this week. It was very nice. Good food, fellowship, old time games, square dancing, and a bonfire. There was even a near full harvest moon.

In the kitchen we have kept it simple.Crockpot Chicken, Hamburgers, steak and baked potato, hamburger helper, ( yes we use this stuff, because its quick and its good!) Chicken Enchiladas,  leftovers. Made bread often. I was given several box mixes for the bread machine. They are easy and taste okay. Not the same as from scratch but still hot and fresh bread. Have tried to make a hot breakfast more often. Simple stuff like biscuits with bacon ect. Its just nice on a crisp morning.
We took this Corn Pudding to the Fall Festival. It was a hit! I did use a recipe. Simply looked to see what I had in the pantry and created this. It serves about 20.
In a large bowl add:
4 eggs,1 cup milk, 1 can Cream of Cheese Soup, 4 cans of corn, Cream two of the cans in the blender with liquid from corn. Drain the other two cans and cream them as well. You may need to add a few tablespoons of water to cream them. Beat this mixture very well. ( my family likes a smooth corn pudding)
Add to the above mixture:
1 box Jiffy Corn Mix, 4 Tablespoons flour, 6 Tablespoons Sugar,  1/4 t nutmeg, 1/4 teaspoon cloves, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon and 1/8 teaspoon Cheyenne pepper.
Mix very well. Pour into a greased 12 by 9 by 2 pan. ( I buy these at Sams club for pot lucks ) Let sit for 20 or so minutes. You should see bubbles at the top of the mixture. Bang the pan on a hard surface to pop bubbles. Cook at 325 uncovered for 1 1/2 hours or until center is set and knife comes out clean. This is not a pretty dish. Looks kinda dark. But it is so yummy!
You could make it savory and add chopped bell peppers, pimientos ect.

Around the house we are trying to keep up with 5 shedding felines and 1 shedding canine. Seems they are all loosing hair and its everywhere. I have taken to vacuuming the dog. ( cats run from it!) We have begun to get the yard cleaned up for winter. And once again organizing stuff inside. Closets ( I am going to invent self cleaning ones some day!) and such.

Honestly that is about it...we were just busy living life this week.
 Here is a photo from the past.
Sea Oats on the dunes at Corolla NC.


  1. Sounds like things are busy, but fulfilling. What part of OH did your son visit? Hope he is enjoying his trip north. :-) Your corn bread pudding sounds good. Have a blessed Sunday. Heather

  2. When you study glaciers, you need to come visit the dunes here in IN. Those glaciers shaped our whole state in fact. Pretty cool stuff.

  3. What a great study! We had the great fortune and blessing to walk on a glacier! It was during our trip to Glacier National Park, but on the Canadian leg of the journey. We were on the Columbia Icefields Parkway in British Columbia. What a great memory.

    Seems like the perfect time of year to fire up the crockpot for a creamy chicken dish...that's what we're having tonite!


  4. Sounds like things are going well. And we like hamburger helper too. The box stuff and the homemade hamburger helper, though lately it's been the box stuff. :)


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