For Jenn!

The birds did not get a new toy this year...cage is full. But they got a lovely big bag of seed. The rats got their gift early. Emilys rat got a bigger cage and Josh got his rat an edible hut. Here is an adorable picture of Ace being himself. He loves to get into anything and spent a lot of time this holiday in a stocking. Such a sweet face!
 Here is Ronan who likes sitting on top of his tube instead of in it. This rat purrs! I kid you not. Perhaps he learned it from the cats. When you are petting him he begins to purr.
Yep he is a chubby one. We find pvc plumbing pipes are the best. The rats can chew and chew and not destroy them. They are easy to keep clean as well.

Behr taking a long winters nap


  1. Aww, thanks. You made me smile! And thanks for tossing in a picture of one of your sweet kitties!

  2. I can not believe I am typing this, but the rats are cute...did I just say that, lol. They are very sweet looking.

  3. What a cute kitty, not sure about the rats. Just don't know that I can say that. :) lol


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