Homemade Christmas

 It was a homemade Christmas.
 Lots of scarves.
 Necklaces and Braclets

 Complete scarf sets ( gloves hat and scarf )
 hobo gloves

We also made button necklaces ( victorian lace style), an afgan, and slippers.
Emily did this lovely painting for her dad.


  1. Love all of these. Now that Christmas is over...I need to post some of the DIY gifts we did as well. I can not wait to show my dd all the scarves you did....she loves them!!

  2. They are look great. Homemade Christmas's are fun.

  3. Love, love, love the hobo gloves! I have a pair that I commissioned from Pam (VH bookkeeper). Yours are so creative! And all the other goodies are terrific, too. Kudos to your daughter for the lovely painting:)


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